On Dialogue Online

Definition of DIALOGUE
noun \ˈdī-ə-ˌlȯg, -ˌläg\
1 : a written composition in which two or more characters are represented as conversing
2 a : a conversation between two or more persons; also : a similar exchange between a person and something else (as a computer) b : an exchange of ideas and opinions c : a discussion between representatives of parties to a conflict that is aimed at resolution
3 : the conversational element of literary or dramatic composition
4 : a musical composition for two or more parts suggestive of a conversation
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Variants of DIALOGUE
di·a·logue also di·a·log

When people engage in dialogue online it cannot be the same as direct face-to-face eye-to-eye conversation as when two or more people are engaging in a real time dialogue ‘live and in living color’. However, a dynamic dialogue online ~exchanging ideas and ideals, concepts and analyzes and other relevant information~ can be fun, useful, progressive and educational for all who participate in such a creative dialogue online.

In this Millennium, Internet Power has transformed the whole way people communicate to each other with its vast array of mass communication devices between humans. In the safe comfort zone of our homes we can now surf the Internet on our desktops, check out websites and access a wealth of real knowledge online. We can take and transmit videos with images and sounds of a local situation before us and post it onto the Internet. The whole world can see what we transmit at the speed of electrical waves via a small hand held mobile device in several seconds with a good Internet connection. We can text message worldwide on our cell phones. The whole world within which we now communicate has been forever transformed.

The technological power of communication we take for granted today has never existed before in known human history. It will get more powerful as time goes by as new technological devices are invented. The Internet is a blessing because now people can communicate to each worldwide across borders, lands and oceans at the click of a mouse. Via the Internet, people can come together in cyberspace, reach out to each other, communicate with each other and help create unity among all people of all cultures. We can engage in dialogue online, discuss our common interests, work out out differences and try to work together despite vast geographical distances as members of one humane family in trouble. We can even help save the world as it is now because the world is now in serious trouble. Let us come together to create a collective mass consciousness so we can work in union on the humane liberation of all of us. Naturally, authoritarian governments who fear the truth hate the Internet so we should take advantage of it while we can to build up strong communication networks.

If there ever was an Atlantis, an ancient myth, it must of had advanced superior technology. If Atlantis ever existed before maybe its technocrats let their technology get out of control. Was this a factor in its eventual extinction from the planet? Humane beings upon Mother Earth are now an endangered species. Maybe there is an ancient lesson about the mythology of Atlantis we should remember about our new fancy high-technology today. Will we end up being a mere mythology in the future?

Keep in mind that mankind now has weapons of mass destruction that can easily destroy all of us if we lose our grip on technology. We need to be direct masters of our technology, not let technology in the hands of slavemasters master us.

Internet Power with its potential for mass communications can be a great positive force to create better relations among all of us. It allows us to share vital information, spread knowledge and stimulate humane understanding. All of us should have Internet Access in our lives to help ensure our right to freedom of speech. We should have the courage to exercise our creative expression without paranoid fear.

At the same time, we should always communicate with each other with basic respect, sound reason and keen clarity so our communications are clearly understood. When people cannot clearly communicate they can easily misunderstand each other or feel they have been wrongly misunderstood by others. In the external world much madness, mayhem and murder can occur because of a simple lack of communication and mutual understanding. Naturally, we should always be conscientious when we communicate with each other when we are engaged in online dialogue. Let us have loving compassion in our spirits in all our communications.

These days communications devices are so common that there is hardly a time when we are completely off the grid. Consider all the surveillance cameras on us when we are on the inner-city streets. Chances are the Internet is around you in one form of another all the time, especially in urban settings.

Let us engage in dialogue online so that there is a mutual understanding of basic terms, definitions and terminology we are utilizing, not add to the mass chaos of confusion on a new Tower of Babel.

Be careful what you share online, especially youth or immature adults. Beware of truly evil Internet predators. Whatever goes out over the Internet is up for grabs by any nerd hacker. Use your own common sense wisdom.

When in dialogue online, we should not assume that other people know what we know. Nor should we assume that others do not know what we know. In fact, others may know more about some stuff a lot better than we do. Be humble, open-minded and good at learning from the direct experiences and knowledge of others. Let educators know that to be a good educator is to be a good explainer, not just to dump knowledge onto students like regular teachers without good explanations. Let not the arrogant mind-ego and frozen opinions get in the way of our engaging in creative constructive dialogue online.

Keep in mind that when we engage in dialogue online we cannot fully communicate all we want to communicate, especially via words on a computer screen! Typed words cannot convey the full range of our emotions, our inner feelings and the spirits of our words. Let alone human touch. Perhaps this is why creative writers are appreciated by readers who read their words because writings can go into the brain and touch our hearts.

Let us be mindful when we read stuff others have typed. We should not project or transfer what is in our heads into what we happen to be reading and make errors in human cognition. Dumb unnecessary misunderstandings and long-term resentments should be avoided. Make sure you understand what the writer is trying to convey. Try not to take everything personal. Real life in the external world is not all about you. Sometimes others are going through a rough time in their lives or just having a hard day. They may even be taking their stuff out on you ~transferring~ without the conscious awareness of even doing so. Drive-by shootings happen all the time. Take the time to pause a second before you mindlessly Click the Send button on your screen in a split second, especially if it is really important that what you Send be understood by the receiver!

When you are online in social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook or in Yahoo Groups, be aware of what you are typing. Be conscious of what you are posting for all the world to see. Open your eyes. See what you are typing in front of you. Does it make logical sense? Can it be misunderstood by an invisible reader? Take the the time to think.

When there is a post by someone else decide whether you want to or need to reply or not. Learn to respond with good sound reason, not react with only sudden emotion. Real writing usually requires re-writing. Write from your spirit, use your head, go with the flow and let it go. Sharing is caring!

When posting, do you want to give good positive feedback? Are you responding with real thoughtfulness or reacting off impulse? Are you merely arguing through silent typed words back-and-forth, letting the ego-mind elaborate? Let us all wake up and build strong bridges of peace, harmony and mutual understanding, not manufacture more false divisions in an already fragmented divided world.

Why are you even online now? Do you want to build up genuine online friendships or nurture a romantic interest? Do you want to bend people to your will? Are you a creative writer polishing your craft and sharpening your skills? Do you want to help create an online digital revolution or raise consciousness? Whatever the reason we are online we should use Internet Power in a good responsible way. Let us respect the awesome power of the word and the potential impact our words can have on others.

Stop and think. What are your real priorities? Is your time online a form of avoiding other more important priorities, family duties or prior commitments? Do you just fool around online? Are you taking full advantage of having the bulk of the world’s knowledge at your fingertips?!?

My free advice is that we live our lives in balance wherever we are; whether we are online on a laptop at a cafe shop, offline taking care of business in the community or inline in quiet reflection, meditation and prayer.

I have been online for several years now. In fact, the whole idea of whether we are online, offline or not at any given moment is getting to be irrelevant. Internet Power is now integrated into all our lives at one intersection or another. Internet is here to stay and will continue to be a big factor in all cultures, societies and interactions worldwide. Look at how WikiLeaks led by Julien Assange has stirred up so much global controversy!

There is a digital revolution going on now that will become more and more a key part of our modern lives and how we communicate with each other in the world. Learn to use new technology to help us all. Let us use advanced technology to help heal people,not to hurt or harm people. Let us help those who are not online get online. To be online is a luxury that should be a right as part of our humane right to freedom of speech. Advocate for general literacy, including computer literacy and support Internet Access for all people!

Let us dialogue online with conscious mindfulness, reach out to kindred spirits and network together in order to help create a brave new world for all of us where people live in peace, love and harmony.


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