On Internet Power for Peaceful Revolution via @Peta_de_Aztlan

Internet power, the same as other forms of power, can be used for good purposes or for evil ones. It has transformed human culture as we know it, how we communicate with each other, how the daily news is transmitted and how we interact with each other in our daily communications.

We have become so use to the Internet that many of us take it for granted as a basic part of our lives. For many businesses, organizations and social beings the Internet is an essential element. We feel we cannot live without it in order to conduct our regular business, plan our daily schedules and bring order to our lives. Human society will never be the same now that we have Internet access.

Now we have mobile devices or cell phones with Internet access, a relatively new phenomenon. Many people keep their cell phone on them when they are out, within arm’s reach, by their bedside at night or even tuck it under their pillow. Never before in human history have people become so interconnected and intertwined with various kinds of communication devices. Indeed, Internet Power has transformed the world and our very beingness.

Of course many people do not have a basic Desktop computer or regular access to Internet Power because of their poor economic status, especially in the Third World continents of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Within the inner cities of the U.S. are barrios, ghettos and slums where life conditions are similar to the Third World. However, many poor people still find a way to afford at least a cell phone with them even in distant rural villages. For many just having a cell phone is a kind of status symbol.

The Internet is now the primary means of mass communications on a global level. The genie is out of the bottle and it is here to stay so long as there is a semblance of modern society. We have already seen the key role of the Internet in times of dramatic social turmoil, including as a way of street organizing to enhance immediate communications among protestors.

Today there are great sandstorms sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa that have been made known to the whole world because of Internet Power. We are learning about other cultures in distant lands and linking up with our humane family on a global level.

In general, the Internet has been about the greatest invention of our lifetime. It gives us access to accumulated human knowledge at the tip of our fingertips. What we take so much for granted now was not even imagined in previous generations. Even Emails saved the almost lost art of letter writing, though it is actually letter typing. We type Emails, we do not write them. Of course, this has had the added positive influence of encouraging basic literacy for many people. There are many positive side effects to the Internet.

Many families, who live far apart from each other, use the Internet to send Emails, post Messages, transmit pictures, share video links and to generally keep in touch with each other. Many use social networks online such as Facebook ~the world’s largest website~ and Twitter. Many people spend hours every day in Chat Rooms online for various reasons, not all of them healthy. So in many ways for millions of people worldwide the Internet is a key part of being alive, showing proof of life and keeping us connected to the world outside of our own individual homes.

It should be obvious that the Internet, Internet Power in general, is indeed a new kind of power available to the masses worldwide. We need to use Internet Power to open, raise and expand our spiritual consciousness about what is going on in the world. We need to boldly exercise our Freedom of Speech, our Freedom of Creative Expression, our Freedom to share our ideas and ideals. We must overcome any foolish fears and pathetic paranoid about sharing our thoughts with others. There is a lot of chaos, confusion and divisions among people that we need to clear up by engaging in mass communications via Internet Power.

We need to bring computers into all of our homes, allow all people Internet Access and can even consider Internet Access as a natural right of ours in order to communicate with others on a global scale. At the same time, we must use this Internet Power with respect and be accountable for what we transmit over the Internet. We should engage in online discussions, meaningful conversations and learn from each other as we are all members of the same humane family upon Mother Earth.

At the bottom of all these global wide communications is the urgency of spreading the power of literacy to all villages upon the planet. Teaching people the basics of reading, writing and communicating in order to foster a collective mass consciousness about the central need for global democracy in the world.

The main obstacle to unity in the world among all people is the Amerikan Empire. We should all arrive at the understanding that revolution is the ultimate solution for our many social problems, not merely reform. A true revolution will place the power of mass media in the hands of the people. We need to use mass media in order to give all people a basic education about life, to teach us practical skills so we can secure decent employment and to raise our spiritual consciousness in general.

As humane beings, here now inside the United States, our grand strategic aim should be the seizure of power in the name of the people in order to bring about a Peaceful Revolution. Thus, we must exhaust all legal methods of struggle, including using Internet Power. We do not want mindless violence. We know that the Amerikan Empire is the main sponsor of state terrorism worldwide, not the ghosts of Al Qaeda in some invisible caves in Pakistan or elsewhere. We must be realistic and rational in all our ways, not like madmen seeking vengeance. We want justice and liberty for all. We want to be able to work, play and live out our lives in peace together upon Mother Earth.

via @Peta_de_Aztlan


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