On Creating a United Liberation Movement via @Peta_de_Aztlan


We must have the vision to look at the whole situation in the world today with a global viewpoint, not just a local one. We must see the Big Picture about what is going on and understand that what happens in one area of the world can have a direct impact on other areas of the world, including our own local area. We live in an interconnected world. We are becoming more and more interconnected with the great advances in modern digital technology and Internet Power: information, mass communication and mass distribution.

Under the power of the Amerikan Empire we should see that many so-called nations are actually under the dominion of Amerikan imperialism as dominated colonies, neo-colonies or under the influence of Amerikan corporate capitalism ~ with the main exception being the Chinese Empire. No matter how you label it, Amerikan Imperialism is alive and well. In fact, in many ways it is stronger than ever as the octopus tentacles of the Empire reach around the world.

What the USA lacks in economic power it makes up for in military might. It now has the strongest armed forces in all of human history. US government spending on its military budget is around $700 billion (about 20% of the US budget).

The Amerikan Empire has now stretched itself out so thin that it is in danger of imploding from within, similar to the Roman Empire of long ago. As of January 1st of 2011, the US debt is over $14 trillion for the first time. Clearly US citizens need to separate the selfish economic interests of the Amerikan Empire from their own true economic interests. As humane beings, our mutual survival interests are in direct contradiction to the greedy selfish interests of the Empire.

We need to wake up and advocate the toppling of the Amerikan Empire without fear. The US economy is controlled by the forces of corporate capitalism, which is protected by the Amerikan Empire. If we do not understand this basic truth we are still asleep. On the domestic level, Amerikan fascism is already ‘in power and secure’ as it operates in the form of imperialism abroad. The whole situation today is extremely complex, not easily explained and understood. Those of us who consciously consider ourselves humane beings need to come together, agree on the basics, settle our petty differences and help create a united liberation movement.

We must at least have a global consciousness of what is going on in the world, if not a cosmic consciousness. We can see the sandstorms of liberation are sweeping across Arabia, the Middle East and northern Africa. Tunisia and Egypt have undergone revolutionary transformations, though those situations still need to be solidified. There can be no relevant evolution without the firm seizure of state power and the transformation of property relations between the haves and have-nots. The people themselves must have ultimate control over the land and all of the viable institutions thereon, especially the power of the armed forces.

Even though Egypt has had a relatively peaceful revolution that was sparked on January 25th of this year; a few hundred people died in those protests and some thousands of people were wounded. Even now, the Egyptian Vanguard leadership has a long ways to go to wrestle state-control from the military junta still in command of the military situation there. Without a solid revolutionary command structure in charge in Egypt counter-revolution remains in the air. The recent Egyptian experience has provided profound lessons for all liberation fighters.

With great clarity, we now see that the power of the people once they have overcome their fear and united together is the most powerful force on earth ~a kind of force of nature. Once people overcome their fear they have the courage to stand up to their repressors and demand their freedom. We see that all along one of the greatest obstacles to the freedom of the people was their own fear. In the repressed colonial mentality there is the nagging dichotomy of a desire for and fear of freedom, democracy and true liberty.

There are great commanding changes happening in the world today, especially in the realm of mass consciousness. We must see all these various liberation struggles as one collective integrated movement with many battlefronts. A victory for the Egyptian people is a victory for all people. Now there is a No-Fly Zone over Libya that has helped the progress of the Libyan liberators fighting for the liberation of Libya. The storms of liberation are sweeping around the world and making evil tyrants tremble. We should not fear these changes we should welcome them as we look at our own situation wherever we are in the world.

Our basic survival needs are the common denominators that unite us: food, clothing, shelter, health care and quality education. We must unite together based upon our common needs and identify any sources of division amongst us. We need to think of ourselves as one family of humanity, not separate nations, especially when so many of us are not truly independent nations as we are actually colonies under the American empire.

We have a long ways to go in order to raise mass consciousness to a global level, but the longest journey begins with a bold single step in the direction of mass liberation. Let us not get lost in endless ideological struggles. Let us not stand apart from each other based upon religion. Let our ideas and ideals be based upon a great love for the people. Let our spiritual religion be revolution. In the name of the family of humanity, let every man be our brother, let every woman be our sister and let every child be our child. Let us work close together to raise mass consciousness, guided by the lessons of history and inspired by our love for the people.

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