On Building Up A Democratic Liberation Movement via @Peta_de_Aztlan



If we are to build a democratic liberation movement inside the USA we must have general understandings and common definitions of basic keywords, especially what democracy means to us. When we use the term democracy we mean ‘majority rule’ in a given situation, yet also a deep respect for minority viewpoints.

Point #3 of the Humane Liberation Party Five-Point Survival Platform is:
#3. We demand worldwide socialist democracy with proportional representation: wherein the majority rules, protects minorities and cares for all based upon ‘one human being, one legitimate vote’ in fair, free and open monitored elections.

We must come together based upon our basic survival needs: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education. Our common survival needs are actually humane rights bestowed upon us by the Creator. Humane rights are common denominators for us to establish a solid basis for a strong unity. Many political groups fail because they let petty divisions keep them from uniting together for our common good based upon our common needs.

Create Consensus ~
In our political meetings our vanguard elements must be governed by the principles of democratic centralism to create a general collective consensus that represents our unified consciousness. We will engage in free open discussions and when necessary, lively debates, in order to reach a general consensus. All our opinions are important, though not all opinions are of equal value. We need to express our opinions and hear each other out with clear open minds; free of blind prejudice, false assumptions and separate factions. We need to pray, meet and come together in a spirit of love and mutual respect to build a collective common consensus. Unity based upon the harmony of shared spiritual principles is the key to strength.

Practice Democracy ~
If we are ever to create a true valid social democracy in society we need to practice basic democracy in all our meetings. Let all have their say, let us be open to different opinions, encourage debate and settle differences. We must not allow a crazed dictator, ego-maniac guru or magnetic personality rule over all of us and stifle open democratic discussions. If we want a true democracy we must practice democracy in all our group decisions before we embark on a common plan of action.

Once we cast our democratic vote on a particular policy and come to a collective decision we must act in support of the majority opinion in all our ways. We can bring up lingering dissent at a later meeting for further debate and analysis. Once a common agreement has been reached on our policies we must work together in unity to implement our common humane rights agenda. When we combine our theories with our practices we will gain practical direct experience in order to better improve and refine our methods of analysis and work. We will naturally enhance our learning by doing, engaging in the process of democracy building.

Democratic Electoral Politics ~
As humane activists we need to register people to who are eligible to vote, help get out the vote on election day, participate in democratic electoral politics an on-going basis, not only around election day. We need to create a true participatory democracy, not a fake representative democracy. Today candidates have to be rich to even consider running for public office with a fair chance of winning. We need to radically transform democracy into a true participatory democracy. We all need to participate to make the electoral process work for us or democracy is merely a sham for shrewd crooks to get in power. When we do not participate in the electoral process we automatically lose without even trying to win.

We need to register to vote anyone who wants to be registered, no matter what political party they identify with on an individual level. Many apathetic folks hate politics and political discussions because they think politics makes no difference in their lives, but they are wrong and ineffective. We are all affected by political decisions made by elected politicians whether we participate in electoral politics or not. It is like the lottery, we cannot win if we do not play.

People’s Politics ~
We need to define the business of politics as the people’s politics, not co-opted by mega-corporate interests. Our politics will relate to, advocate for and help meet the people’s basic needs. We will make politics meaningful for us, learn how to make it relevant in our lives and figure out how politics can best serve our survival interests. Politics is still war without bloodshed. We now wage war with our words, images and positive actions in order to help bring about a peaceful revolution. We need to exhaust legal methods of struggle and engage in the people’s politics as humane activists, not as fanatical fools lost out on lunatic fringes. The truth is in the center of life. We should be true centralists, not lost Leftists or reactionary Right-Wingers.

Real life is often more complex than top surface labels. Confused concepts about Left-Wing VS Right-Wing are dominant in today’s political discussions and are symptoms of political bi-polarity, blurred out-of-balanced politics that do not reflect connected reality. The purpose of our personal participation in electoral politics and government in general is to help meet the people’s basic survival needs in order to eventually create a true people’s democratic government with relevant social institutions that serve the true interests of the people.

Let us recommit ourselves to building up a democratic liberation movement that can revitalize the now dormant progressive movement inside the USA. Every day requires a new spiritual awakening.


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