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Posted: 10.25.2011

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”
~ President John F. Kennedy ~Assassinated

We must understand that the ultimate solution for our basic social problems is going to be one kind of revolution or another. Our strategic aim is for Global Revolution. As lovers of peace we should be striving to bring about a global peaceful revolution in the land that entails a radical transformation of property relations between the two main classes in present-day class society: the 99% of the ‘have-nots’ and the 1% of the ‘haves’. The people are the 99% of the ‘have-nots’ who constitute the vast majority of the general population. Our monopoly-capital masters are the 1% tiny fraction of the ‘haves’.

However, keep in mind that the 1% of the ‘haves’ have the biggest and strongest military machinery in all of human history to keep them ‘in power and secure’. Plus, many of the masses have a paranoid fear of going against the System with its prestige of power and military might. We are socially conditioned to have a fear of freedom, a fear of true liberation and fear freezes natural impulses to rebel and fight against injustice. Many of us suffer from psychic repression instilled by fascist propaganda. You can’t fight city hall! You can’t win against the government! You will go to jail! We must break the psycho-social barrier of fear to achieve total liberation that is far beyond mere reforms.

Surface reforms alone on their own will not be enough, though we should strive for relevant reforms whenever possible in a given situation. Why waste vital energy on reformism when the whole broken System itself needs to be toppled? We must not be under any illusions or harbor any false fantasies about what is required to fundamentally transform our whole situation of economic poverty, political oppression and military repression. Global revolution is the ultimate solution, not mere surface reforms.

Ideally we desire to bring about Global Revolution by exhausting peaceful methods of struggle with a minimum of injuries, causalities and killings. We can engage in civil disobedience that could be illegal in a technical sense but morally correct in an ethical moral sense. The old traditional outdated Marxist-Leninist principles no longer apply to our general situation in the New Millennium. The idea of only a ‘violent revolution’ now as an alternative to our situation smacks of Left-wing adventurism. Look what happened to Che Guevara when he was without the local mass indigenous support! A ‘violence alone’ theory reflects a lack of undying faith in the people and lack of faith in our own efforts to win the people over in support of a righteous Global Revolution.

A strictly violent approach to Global Revolution dismisses the power of mass collective consciousness being elevated and stimulated among the people, especially with today’s advanced mass communications technology, mobile phones and social networking websites, such as, Facebook and Twitter. In fact, we need to get involved with mass literacy, including computer literacy for the people. We all need to learn how to read and write well. We can help reach out to the people via Internet Power along with local community education on a one-on-one basis.

History shows us that violent revolutions among families result in deep, long and generational resentments that plant the seeds of future counter-revolutions. After any kind of revoltion there will be great empty vacuums left within which the popular revolutionary forces must establish and sustain new humane relations among people based upon an eternal love for humankind. Global Revolution is a historical process and will be another great new beginning, not a final end in itself. Global revolution will be a quantum leap forward in humane evolution. We have the potential power to convince the masses of the real legitimacy of our claims. It is the masses who must be convinced of the rational choice, practical necessity and logical possibility of Global Revolution. Only the active support of the masses of people can bring about Global Revolution, not vanguard elements alone.

There is no longer a Soviet Union, but there is a capitalist Russia. The so-called People’s Republic of China is fast becoming a modern capitalist consumer society. Many so-called socialist countries cannot fully develop their local economies because of the objective fact that monopoly capitalism dominates today’s global economy. The main obstacle to a global democratic socialism is the Amerikan Empire with its corporate monopoly capitalism protected by the U.S. Armed Forces, disguised Blackwater mercenaries and an assortment of agenda provocateurs. It is not enough to condemn the Evil Empire. We must offer an alternative solution, that is, a global democratic socialist revolution. At minimal we must at least openly discuss alternative economic systems that work for us, even a so-called mixed economy. No one has all the answers but we must keep asking relevant questions. We must see the objective connected reality we face today, not indulge in wishful thinking or harbor naïve hallucinations about what is here now. We must see what connected reality is here and now.

For revolution to have its full affect it must be a Global Revolution involving all the progressive vanguard elements, progressive forces and the wide masses of the people worldwide. Otherwise a local revolutionary situation can easily be isolated, targeted and eliminated by the fascist forces of military repression. Or else a local situation led by corrupt leaders can easily be bought off or co-opted by U.S. Imperialism. Total revolution must be global in nature, not merely a local uprising.

Wall Street in New York is not Tahrir Square in Egypt. Tahrir means ‘Liberation’. It is one matter to occupy a locality for a time and quite another to maintain a liberated zone. The prolonged sustainable resistance we need will reflect concrete objective conditions in a given situation, not subjective analyses alone. There is no one magical blueprint for Global Revolution. We must use our active imagination, have a deep knowledge of history and be practical in all our ways. We should always be in harmony with the basic survival needs and deep desires of the masses. Only the people working together can make the revolution global!

One primary way of exhausting peaceful methods of struggle is to utilize the power of the ballot in order to promote true democracy and get true representatives of the people elected into high office. We can have no calculable effect on life by mindlessly boycotting elections. We must learn anew how a true democracy works: it works by our active participation in all democratic processes and building a collective consensus, not merely by corruptible representatives. We must be involved in democratic processes all year round in all our General Assemblies, Open Meetings and Private Discussions. We require a participatory democracy, not merely a representative democracy. We do not want to make a Global Revolution only to have new authority figures in charge without a substantial transformation of power relationships between the 99% of the ‘have-nots’ and the 1% of the ‘haves’. Only the active mass participation of the people will make democracy real for us. Democracy must mean more than a fancy ideal that pops up only around election time.

The next U.S. Presidential Election is on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Other seats for Governors and U.S. Senators will also be at stake. Between now and then we can be working on stimulating mass consciousness, engaging in voter education about the relevancy of electoral politics, be doing direct voter registration for anyone of any party and bringing about a mass Voter Turnout in November of 2012 that can have a major impact on the outcome of the 2012 Election.

Just getting arrested at #Occupy locations, released and re-arrested is going to take its toll on partisans and drains small budgets for legal defense. We need to create our own community infrastructure, establish our own communal housing and be able to meet our day-to-day needs, including having toilet paper! People want to see fundamental changes in the way life is today, not just hear heavy talk. We need to pool all our resources and dig in!

Much of the deep changes to take place will occur in our own personal characters in the process of struggle. We need to work on our own character defects, shortcomings and other factors that stand in the way of our spiritual evolution as humane beings. Any and all forms of addiction must be discouraged. Racism, sexism, nationalism and forms of negativism must be eliminated from our characters. The first struggle is waged within our own inner being. Many of us are now hungry, homeless and jobless. We are becoming more and more desperate and desperate people do desperate acts in desperate times. Vanguard leadership must provide clear direction, set a personal example of discipline and have a stubborn determination to move forward. All of us need to seize the time.

We must be sincere. Striving for global peaceful revolution should be a matter of general strategy, not just a tactical temporary exercise to be tossed out when a local situation changes. Naturally, we reserve the right to self-defense when are lives are immediately at risk. We will not allow our families to be beaten, butchered and slaughtered. We are not passive pacifists who are too weak to fight back. Yet neither should be engage in any battles we are not able to win. There is a time, place and situation for all matters under the sun.

We must reach out to law enforcement and military personnel when it is possible to create bridges of understanding. These are armed trained people whose help and support we will need more and more in the tougher times to come. These people are also of the 99%. We must cultivate as many natural allies as possible, not mindlessly turn-off or alienate anyone. We must welcome all active veterans to join Our Cause! Join the People’s Resistance!

We desire true global peace in the world and the end to the mutual killings of wars. Global peace begins with inner peace within, peace in our own immediate families and peaceful relations with each other as one family of humanity in our daily personal lives.

Venceremos! Che Peta

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