On Why I Support Occupy Wall Street Protestors via @Peta_de_Aztlan

Posted: 11-8-2011

I Support #Occupy Wall Street Protestors because the comrades involved first had the basic courage, conviction and concentration to directly confront the Wall Street bankers on their own turf by seeking to occupy Wall Street. It was and is the right thing to do and we should admire those brave souls who first dared to confront Wall Street knowing there would be fascist reactionary repercussions.

Occupy Wall Street Website: http://occupywallst.org/
~ On Twitter @OccupyWallSt ~ Twitter Hashtag #OWS

Occupy Sacramento Website: http://www.occupysacto.org
~ On Twitter @OccupySacto

The progressive people’s movement inside the United States needed a strong shot in the arm to wake it up more. #OWS supplied the necessary jolt! We need to go beyond merely criticizing the Obama Regime, reactionary Republicans, Tea Party members and old Left-wing ways of conducting a new revolutionary movement. The old Left-Wing vanguard is an ineffective joke and unable to responsd to the new situations we find ourselves in. A revolutionary movement must not get stuck in merely reacting to the evil actions of the repressors; it must initiate its own progressive actions, not getting lost by being merely reactive with outdated ideology. We must actively respond to the connected reality around us here now.

In fact the so-called Occupy Wall Street Movement is actually a new kind of matrix because there are so many interconnected Occupy Locations inside the United States and other global regions without the vertical hierarchy and structured organization usually indicative of a traditi9onal movement. This open-ended approach has great value for us because we are exploring new ways of mass mobilization without having a set central command that can easily be eliminated or infiltrated by the dark forces of fascist corporativism.

We need to condemn the corporate capitalist power brokers behind the whole situation. We need to target the power brokers of Wall Street itself; not forget the economic basis of present-day class society. Understand who is now ‘in power and secure’. Accept the fact that our enemies are fortified by the largest military machine in human history in order to enforce its dictates and implement its policies. We are living under a mature form of authoritarian fascism here now inside the United States, not merely looming in the future as a tangible threat. Fascism is here now and the ultimate aim of fascism it to destroy, defuse or distract all relevant revolutionary consciousness.

We can use different terminology to discuss the same equation of our being of the 99% of the ‘have-nots’ vs. the 1% of the ‘haves’ who control the whole sick system we are existing under, but it comes out the same! The whole general population is under the control of a minute fraction of corporate capitalists and their connections.

It does not matter in the long run who sits in the Oval Office. We are not living under a genuine democracy. Today’s electoral politics is dominated by one two-headed monster where the choice is between the lesser of two evils from the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. The whole ideal of an Amerikan democracy is a mass illusion that has been instilled in the Amerikan people by a mass fascist propaganda machine. The Big Lie!

Mainstream electoral politics is an irrelevant distraction unless we can offer people tangible independent alternatives. Corporate capitalism and a true authentic democracy cannot co-exist in the same society under the same System. It is the whole decaying System that must be transformed by any means mandatory. A true democracy today must be a genuine participatory democracy that is directly controlled by, directed by and involves the masses of people all the time, not just excites them and bombards them with political advertisements around election time.

All of us as 99%-ers are subject to the authority and control of the masters of property rights inside the United States. This is why Amerikan fascists are so paranoid about the idea of our actually occupying public space: what should be free open space. The very fact of occupying public space is a direct threat to the assumed sacrosanct of private property held by corporate masters.

We who consider ourselves progressive thinkers and involved activists need to do our own self-criticism about our own failure to unite together as one humane family, regardless of any personal orientation. We must still dig down and root out all forms of unnatural negativism in our own collective psyche: nationalism, racism, sexism, tribalism and other –isms.

We must continue to exhaust all peaceful methods of struggle. This does not mean that we turn into blind pacifists and relinquish our sacred right to self-defense. What will you do if your own blood family is attacked? You have the sacred right and duty to defend your family. All of us should consider each other as being of the same family of humankind, no matter what the so-called race or personal orientation. Under all conditions we must retain our sacred right to self-defense when we are under fascist attack and at the same time ascertain factual analyses of actual conditions.

We should continue to exhaust peaceful methods of struggle. When online we can be sharing our ideas with each other, be discussing our opinions and utilizing Internet Power in order to reach out to others. We should be using our active imagination to create new methods of struggle. When we are offline in the community we should discuss relevant issues of the day, the reasons why we protest against injustice and encourage the active participation of those around us in our personal lives. When we are inline during our meditation time we must take the time to seriously reflect and meditate about relevant issues in the world today. We are ultimately spiritual beings.

We must be operating in three spheres of existence: online on progressive websites, making concise comments on blogs and online news organs; offline in our local community when we are face-t0-face with people and in direct group discussions; and inline meditating about who we are and what are our responsibilities in the real world. It is a matter of being alive, of being active in our world and not falling asleep or pretending to be asleep as many are now.

Naturally, there are other related and relevant issues in different vital areas that should be brought up and discussed, such as, the rights of homeless refugees, the rights of immigrants, the rights of prisoners and our basic rights in relation to our human needs: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education. Each of us has various areas of human interest that are most important to us. Each of us has different viewpoints about how to affect change in the world. Nevertheless, we must clearly comprehend the connectedness of all basic humane rights issues and support each other all we can in whatever ways we can. If we know everything we can learn nothing. We are woefully ignorant of all we do not know. Thus, we must be good at learning from each other with honest humility and not dismiss the specific interests of others.

Let us use our creative imagination to write articles and explore other forms of media, such as, videos and images. You do not have to be a genius to share, to open up and express yourself about what is going on in the world today. Just share what you can. Open your mind, express your heart and do not be paranoid about being perfect. Just try to get something out and be ‘for real’. There are no magical wizards or genius gurus who can say what needs to be said by your own soul. In the big picture, each of us is important and all of us have something to contribute to the overall humane movement for a brand new world.

All of us humane beings should do what we can to support the Occupy Wall Street protestors; discuss these issues with our friends and families; and lend what moral, mental and material support we can to those who are Occupy Wall Street protestors. Venceremos! @Peta_de_Aztlan

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