On the Relevance of Global Revolution

Posted: 12/28/2011

By Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan on Twitter
At first glance the ideal of a Global Revolution seems like a bridge too far, impossible in our lifetime and too far reaching an ideal. However, if we look at the world as it was in the beginning of early January of 2011 and compare it to the world now in late December of 2011, we can see there have been enormous changes, shifts and alterations in global power relationships between the 99% of the ‘have-nots’ and the 1% of the ‘haves’ in the world. This year we witnessed, at least at a distance via the Internet and other forms of social media, the revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, then Libya and the whole emergence in the Middle East of what is now known as the Arab Spring. Success in one country inspires the belief in success in other countries. Success builds upon success.

Now we have had the American Autumn with the impact of the Occupy Wall Street Movement on the world scene with a strong influence on how Americans see themselves, their potential to create change, the negative role of the U.S. government and our perception of Wall Street today. People are beginning to believe that they can actually have a positive influence on the world they live in. We can be participants in transforming connected reality, not merely spectators. Around, around and around it goes, where it stops nobody knows. Or better, will it stop or just keep mushrooming into an actual mass uprising against the evil powers of the Amerikan Empire? How long will the masses endure their mass suffering in the misery of poverty? What changes will this Winter bring into the world? The Winter of Global Revolution?

How many people could of predicted the fall of the Soviet Union before it fell? Many falsely assume that the fascist-inspired Amerikan Empire will keep on going plundering the world, keep on re-inventing itself via its use of military might, its control of the mass media, its capacity to keep the people in deep sleep and continue to keep the American people endlessly distracted with fruitless forms of entertainment forever and ever. The truth is that the Amerikan Empire as it now stands will fall one way or another sooner or later. The people together have the potential power to transform all of connected reality. Pure hunger is the great motivator for revolution. People who are fed and full are too fat and happy to make revolution. We must re-examine our belief systems and question our usual assumptions. Why do we believe what we believe? A lot of our individual beliefs come from our personal economic interests and our economic investments in the world we live in. Where do we invest our time, our energy and our resources? What are our true motives and motivations?

Many times fundamental global changes are going on in the world below the radar that can affect our psyche on a global and individual level. We cannot always predict the specific directions of global changes and their local manifestations, especially when these changes take part in the collective mass consciousness of people that is always subject to change. Change is a constant in the world and we must learn to live with constant change today. Consciously we must change the things we can. Global changes and tensions in the world affect changes and tensions in our individual psyche. Any tensions you feel within can be due to external world tensions.

The greater the tension, the greater is the potential. Great energy springs from a correspondingly great tension of opposites. ~C.G.Jung

Many of us have tensions related to how we are going to make it in the world. We are trying to survive on a daily basis. Sometimes we feel isolated from others, even alienated. Nevertheless, we must come to understand and accept the true fact that none of who have any contact or interaction with the world we live in are actually all alone on an existential level. We are all in this life together, for better or for worse, as an endangered species.

We are trying to survive and hopefully succeed in this world without losing the sanity of our humane morals, our humane ethics, our collective identity as humane beings. We must see beyond our lone existence. Let us see together that our own individual success in life is intimately and inherently connected to our success together as one family of humanity. We are a global humanity!

We are now witnessing a collective rise in mass consciousness around the concept of Global Revolution, especially thanks to Internet Power. Many of us who have Internet access are able to easily share our ideas and ideals with others around the world. This state of technology has not existed in previous past generations. In fact, many of us now on the Internet take Internet access as it is today for granted without giving it a second thought or stopping to consider the billions who are without Internet Access! Click: http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm

In fact, those of us who know how to use a computer, who are Internet savvy and have regular Internet access can be considered a kind of different caste or exclusive social group than others who are not so blessed. As progressives, as liberals, as radicals, as creative beings or whatever other label you want to throw on yourself, we should all be about going back to the basics. We know the basics of survival remain the same: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and quality education. Along with these basics there are general progressive issues that we should share common ground about as humane beings. Among these issues are basic literacy, teaching people the fundamentals of reading, writing and utilizing the power of the word.

Due in large part to Internet Power we are now in a technological position to discuss the actual relevance of Global Revolution. It is well known that various social media websites were and are instrumental in bringing about relevant global shifts in power, such as, Facebook, Twitter and Blogger.com.

For example, I can publish and post this blogpost and it will immediately be available for many others to see via the Internet. This was not possible in earlier times. What would Che Guevara do if he was on the Internet? I still remember back in the late 60s using the old mimeograph machine for a local youth newsletter and filling out hand-carried petitions for the Grape Boycott. Obviously technology can be of great benefit for many people, though it has its inherent dangers. A tool can have the potential to turn into a weapon.

The ideal of Global Revolution is that we must work together with others in order to bring about not only a revolution in our own country but to help bring about revolutions in other countries. We need to come together and create a Global Revolution!

The U.S.S.R. has become a failed state and no longer even exists. The so-called People’s Republic of China has become another Empire. Many of the so-called socialist countries have long been corrupt and oppressive of their own people. It is clear that for there to be any true test of the relevancy of democratic socialism that it must be global in nature, not merely a local or regional phenomena. There can be no global socialism as long as the Amerikan Empire directly and/or indirectly controls the global economy. 

Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of economics should have the cognitive powers to comprehend that the two main global economic systems in the world today are corporate capitalism and various forms of struggling socialist economies. These regional socialist economies cannot reach their full potential because of the domination of various corporate capitalist economies that together form the global capitalist economy. Decide for yourself? Do you or do you not support the basic principles of democratic socialism?! 

Our politics spring up from our economics. We wage political struggles in order to gain direct control over our economies, not to get this political party with that political personage into office. We must radically transform the economic system under which we live today. In order to change the economic system we need to participate in electoral politics as a tactical approach. Chairman Mao’s old truism remains true: politics is war without bloodshed and war is politics with bloodshed.

Let us use Internet Power to continue to discuss the relevance of Global Revolution. Let us discuss the relevance of Global Revolution in our on-going dialogues with each other, in our political-social meetings, at our coffee shops and in our personal interactions with others. Let us be humble and learn from each other.

Venceremos! ~Che Peta  c/s

Occupy Wall Street: http://occupywallst.org/ ~On Twitter @OccupyWallSt

Anthony Shadid Reflects On The Arab Spring: NPR: n.pr/sjii0L ~

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