On the Ideal of Global Revolution


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“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
~ President John F. Kennedy, White House 1962

Global Revolution:

Global Revolution would bring about a great leap forward in our humane evolution as the dominant species of life on Earth. It must be planned, coordinated and based upon concrete analyses of concrete conditions in a given situation. We need to be practical, realistic and responsible.

Today the major enemy of humanity on the world stage is the Amerikan Empire. However, there are many other repressive regimes that need to be confronted and challenged one at a time by the masses of people in those particular countries. As an endangered species, all of us are on the same planet together. It is imperative that we seek total liberation for all of us together as one family of humanity.

At the same time we need to aware of the enemies within, that is, our own internal character defects. Character defects and other shortcomings block or handicap our capacity to create new humane relationships among all peoples of all lands based upon pure love, mutual respect and common understanding. These character defects include the arrogance of false pride, selfish greed, lazy sloth, insecure jealousy, obese gluttony, sexist lust and hateful wrath. The ideal here is that we must seek inner liberation as humane beings, heal ourselves within, cure our character defects and work together to create an outer liberation in the world. Seek balance and harmony.

The world today is in great turmoil in different regions around the globe. We cannot pretend to be blind, deaf and dumb to what is going on. There are great stirrings in the global mass consciousness that advocate for Global Revolution as a long-range general solution for our collective global ills. We now live in a global society. We are all connected by our common survival interests, advanced technology and global communication systems.

A central question is what kind of a Global Revolution should we strive for together? Humane beings need to understand that mere surface reforms of corrupt systems of government and dysfunctional economic systems will not suffice. We should continue to strive for realistic reforms, the fascist authoritarian system can correct itself to a set point, but ultimately the entire power system now ‘in power and secure’ inside the USA and throughout the world must be radically transformed. It does not matter who is POTUS (President Of The United States) when those who are really ‘in power and secure’ are still the ruling class of corporate capitalist elites.

Fascism uses economic reform, mass marketing psychology and timely false promises to keep itself ‘in power and secure’. It constantly attempts to defuse, divide and distract the natural striving of the people for significant social change via revolution.

Other comrades in other countries may be confronted with completely different settings unique to their situation than our own particular situation. I am here now inside the USA typing. There is no magical single template for revolution to cover all situations. Revolutions cannot simply be copied or imported. The roots of revolution must spring up out of the basic survival interests, common dreams and collective goals of the people in a given situation. Thus, we need to comprehend the conscious concentration on the coordination of global communications as essential for there to be Global Revolution.

Each of us must operate from our own immediate present situation. Each of us must deal with our own local or regional situation with a global overview. We can and should learn from other comrades elsewhere, but no one is going to go where were are on an existential level and do the basic local community education and mass mobilization that we must do ourselves in communion with the local population.

Relevant Revolution:

History has taught us that a relevant revolution requires a general strategy that emphasizes the seizure of state power by the people’s armed vanguard elements with various specific tactics depending on the immediate situation. Tactics are the means to an end strategy.

Many folks confuse a revolt with an actual revolution. Look at Egypt! The same evil forces before the revolt are still ‘in power and secure’. There has been no revolution in Egypt, though the basic groundwork has been done, especially in the courageous consciousness of the Egyptian masses and their magnificent capacity to overcome their fear of the repressors.

A basic requirement of revolution is a total transformation of property relations between the 1% of the ‘haves’ and the 99% of the ‘have-nots’. Property rights must be reversed between the 1% and the 99% in favor of the overwhelming majority of the people who compose the 99%. The people must have ownership and control of the land and all the viable social institutions thereon. If there is no substantial transformation of property relations there is no real revolution.

In the past, feudalism was revolutionary when it overthrew the rule of ancient barbarism. Capitalism was revolutionary when it overthrew feudalism. A genuine people’s democratic socialism will be revolutionary when it overthrows or transforms corporate capitalism. We are still in a class society where we still have classes at war. The two main social-economic classes are still the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. Those of us here now inside the USA still endure under a corporate capitalist economic system whose ruling elites are in control of the most advanced form of authoritarian fascism with the strongest military machine in all of human history to date.

Only the masses of people can make or ‘manufacture’ the revolution, not vanguard elements alone. On a level of mass consciousness the people must come to know through their own direct experience the practical necessity and logical possibility of a relevant revolution. Ideally we want to bring about a Peaceful Revolution, yet we must keep in mind that connected reality does not always conform to our ideas and ideals. We must always uphold our basic sacred right to self-defense by any means necessary. We shall not allow ourselves to be carted away into new high-tech concentration camps or just be slaughtered without retaliation in the streets. We will not allow ourselves to be killed by armed fascists in the misguided name of non-violent passive resistance. Will you allow your family to be killed? All of us are of the huge family of humanity.

We cannot ignore the urgings of some for violent revolution, but neither do we want to lead people into a bloodbath in their own blood. Many confused comrades are unstable fanatics who need more revolutionary education. We have seen violent revolutions in the past establish new regimes, yet they tend to become evil and corrupt. Look at the former Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China and North Korea! The so-called model socialist societies supported by the old Left-wing vanguard have become brutal totalitarian regimes. Clearly past analyses by dead heroes have been grossly defective and much has gone awry in the revolutionary processes of certain countries.

Revolution Is A Process:

We can now see that revolution is an extremely complex process. It is not a simple matter of vanguard elements shooting their way into state power, the seizure of the state and the fair social redistribution of the material wealth in society. Remember Companero Salvador Allende of Chile! Revolution is not all cut-and-dry. Revolution is a dynamic living process, not a fixed set of frozen conclusions. It is important to understand how a given revolution comes to power after a protracted war. What kind of seeds of counter-revolution are actually planted when there is a social revolution? How does revolutionary vanguard leadership prevent any future counter-revolution?

When violence is used to achieve success in a revolutionary process many lives are taken, people in the thousands can be killed, critical mistakes are made on violent battlefields and future lifelong resentments are embedded into the psyche. These embedded resentments can grow and fester in the memories of people who feel that the successful revolutionary forces have wronged them or their blood families. Resentments are powerful psycho-social factors that breed in the psyche. We either learn to let go of our past resentments or we will try to get even one way or the other against those who have wronged us. It is our human nature.

Of course, a violent revolution is a bloody messy phenomena. Imagine all the resentments of Cubans whose family members were killed by Che Guevara and other militants after the Cuban revolution in the name of revengeful retribution? Look at how Brother Nelson Mandela had the genius to call for reconciliation in South Africa. There is no pure revolution. It is the nature of the beast that revolutions, no matter how idealistic, create deep long-term resentments. Thus, we need to patiently educate and convince the people about the goals and aspirations of Global Revolution in order to prevent a reactionary counter-revolution.

Only a fool or a fanatic would propose and openly avow any kind of violent revolution in the world without taking into full consideration ‘concrete analyses of concrete conditions’, then designing the appropriate general strategy and tactics applicable to the given general situation before us.

Vanguard Leadership:

We need vanguard leadership. Naturally, the whole concept of a leaderless revolution must be viewed objectively as utterly insane, idealistic and a trick of psycho-social manipulation. Many past leaders have proven themselves to be mis-leaders or even agent-provocateurs sent in by dark forces to sow discord and internal division among progressive peoples. We do need leaders and we need followers who can become leaders. Ideally each of us should be a leader. Leadership must develop and train cadres to provide new fresh leadership. We will do well when we coordinate our activities closely with others working together in true solidarity.

We need to examine the whole concept of participatory democracy, register people to vote and utilize the U.S. electoral system as another important tactical tool in our toolbox. No tactic can be discounted. A lot of us just need to use our imagination, learn better how to utilize Internet Power and promote universal literacy wherever we are.


On an personal level, as a humane being, I would prefer to help bring about social change and ultimately global transformation of the established order via peaceful methods of struggle. We need to exhaust all peaceful methods of struggle and not slip into Left-wing adventurism. Each of us must figure out life for our own self, unite with natural allies and seek a Unity of Purpose to help create a new brave world.

We need to create a new brave world, create a culture of liberation and not forget to conscientiously work on our own spiritual enlightenment as humane beings who have care, concern and compassion for all living beings.

Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
Che Peta AKA Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California, Aztlan
P.S. There will be many Ches!

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