In Search of Inner Liberation

“The liberation of the oppressed is a liberation of women and men, not things. Accordingly, while no one liberates himself by his own efforts alone, neither is he liberated by others. Liberation, a human phenomenon, cannot be achieved by semi-humans.”
― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

As a humane being….

As a humane being, I am in search of Inner Liberation in my lifetime. Inner Liberation is a path with heart taken with conscious intelligence and focused intention on Inner Liberation. I need to be liberated, to be a free living being and maintain myself in a state of liberation as well as I can given my life circumstances.

I know I am not fully liberated now. I am still a poor old man with no blood on my hands. I have come far, yet I know I have far to go. I am involved in a Spiritual Liberation Program. HOW my program works is by being Honest, Open and Willing to change, to improve and to evolve as a humane being. I still have character defects, basic shortcomings and flaws. I am working on getting rid of them or at least minimizing their negative effects in my life, especially my character defects. Character defects include false pride, selfish greed, hateful wrath, sexist lust,  indulgent gluttony, insecure jealousy and lazy sloth. Now in my 6th decade of life on Mother Earth I am still a work in progress and live life one day at a time.

Even if I live in chains in a cage, I can liberate myself from the many lies and deceptions in the world. Many are encaged in their own insanity. I cannot be truly liberated in the world as long as there are many who are not liberated, who exist in the misery of poverty, who endure endless suffering day and night. Many are not educated and enlightened. Many suffer in the deep darkness of ignorance and despair of ever having a better life. It has been said that none of us are free until we are all free. Indeed, none of us are truly liberated until we are all liberated.

Inner Liberation….

Each of us must take the time to decide on an individual level whether to pursue Inner Liberation or not. If it is to come true it is up to you. The personal quest for Inner Liberation must be a conscious choice made with a firm decision in the realm of our Higher Consciousness, not because of any outside pressure or because it is a fancy fad. Inner Liberation is a lifelong process that begins within the seat of our soul in our heart.

Inner Liberation seeks alignment with the core of our Inner Self as a wholistic being living in the trinity of the mind, body and soul. It is an inside job from which we are easily distracted if we do not pay attention to the work to be done. Where did we come from? How did we become as we are? Why do we believe what we do? Why are we here now? Who are we in the world? Meditation upon the right questions will be more important than ready-made answers.

The concept of Inner Liberation is akin to C.G. Jung’s ‘individuation’ and Abraham Maslow’s ‘self-actualization’. We seek to become whole complete beings embraced by self-knowledge and fascinated by the world. Many times people have different terminology to describe the same basic psycho-social phenomena. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. History is a basic guide to action, but it is only a guide at best, not a blueprint for the future. We need to use our creative imagination to proceed. Keep uppermost in mind that we need to liberate ourselves and help liberate others as we can in the same interconnected process of life.

We are born innocent….

We are all born innocent and ignorant into the world. Each of us is a product of history, life experiences and our general environment. At an early age, we are subjected to the ideas and opinions of others, such as our parents, main caregivers or role models during adolescence. Without any conscious critical thinking these early perceptions become cemented into our being as time goes by.

As we grow older and mature we find out that what we were first told as a child compared to what is the truth today does not click together. We see more and more that life turns out to be not as we had imagined as children. We lose our belief in fairy tales. We discover there is no Santa Claus. We do not have mommy and daddy around us to set things right.   Sometimes the bad guys win, the right side loses and there are unhappy endings.

We mature into the sure knowledge that there is much wrong in the world and great imbalances in nature. We are an endangered species and the whole world is in peril. Evil ones often go unpunished and continue in their evil doings unless they are stopped. We are the ones who must make a difference in the world through our lone individual efforts and our collective efforts together. We need to seek out natural allies in this war of life, yet remain self-motivated. Life goes on within us and without us.

In the world there is warped sexism, hateful racism and narrow nationalism. Evil negativism is rampant in the world. There are powerful reactionary forces ‘in power and secure’ in the world that are anti-life, anti-justice and anti-liberation. Our Brother Leonard Peltier is still not free after decades of false imprisonment. Bradley Manning still suffers from fascist persecution. The USA has more prisons than any other country. The people of the world are not liberated and the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ has not arrived. We need help! 

We create our own realities….

It is up to us to take the bull by the horns. We create our own realities under our control or else we are subjected to the realities conjured up by others that my not be in our own best survival interests.

As Karl Marx said, “The philosophers have only interpreted the world; the point is to change it.” The Serenity Prayer reminds us that we must have the courage to change the things we can.

We need to accept the present connected reality as it truly is now without dumb delusions, false illusions or psychotic hallucinations. What ‘is’ simply is. There is no escape from connected reality. The intimate connection between what is in the inner and outer realm of Earthly existence is contemplated in the context of our Higher Consciousness. We cannot pretend to be Buddha-like, rest content as a fool on the hill and be satisfied with only our own personal liberation without due regard to the 7+ billion in the world. There is real good and real evil in the world. We must combat evil or become accomplices to evil.

Global Liberation….

Liberation is a dynamic process of life, not a set of final conclusions. The fight for liberation makes life meaningful. Liberation is alive, vibrant and pulsates with the blood of life. The slave must recognize that he is not free, he is not liberated, he is not completely independent of the world within which he exists and is attached to the invisible umbilical cord of corporate capital.

For internal Inner Liberation to be achieved to any lasting successful degree there must be an external Outer Liberation, that is, Global Liberation in the real world. We require a true Global Liberation to help liberate all the poor, oppressed and suffering wretched of the earth. There are great waves of liberation sweeping the world manifested in the Arab Spring of last year, the Occupy Wall Street Movement and other progressive social movements. Mass consciousness is being stimulated by life in the streets, social networking websites and inner enlightment on a quantum level. People are waking up more and more to the Class War going on between the greed of the 1% of the ‘haves’ and the need of the 99% of the ‘have-nots’ in class society.

The Amerikan Empire must be confronted, toppled and transformed into a global democratic socialism. There is no way around it. Global Liberation will be a great quantum leap in humane evolution. It will establish the groundwork, build the framework and help create the infrastructure for the greater struggles to come, the ones for new wholesome humane relationships between all peoples of all lands upon Mother Earth.

In the process, we all need to heal ourselves and as much as we can heal Mother Earth and the damages we have already done to it. Man is the great predator upon the planet. It does no good to overthrow governments if we do not overthrow our own character defects. We do not need the mirage of a surface revolution to then allow the situation decay into having a new breed of tyrants, such as what has happened in the former Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. Remember that liberation is a living process, not a final state or fixed conclusion.

We need to seek Global Liberation by any and all means necessary. We prefer a peaceful revolution and need to exhaust all peaceful methods of struggle, but there will be revolution. We will be free, safe and secure or none of us will be free, safe and secure. We are not weak-willed pacifists. We will not run scared when the shit hits the fan. We will not be defeated and we will not stop in our relentless quest for liberation. We will not passively allow ourselves to be killed either directly or indirectly. We uphold our fundamental humane rights as humane beings, including the right to bear arms. We are waging a War of Liberation for our lives and for future generations to come.

Thus, we can see that there are different kinds, forms and degrees of liberation. Here it is all the same interconnected process of seeking total liberation from all forms of external repression and internal self-repression. We are not only repressed by reactionary military machines, we also repress ourselves with our own mortal fears, failures and insecurities.

As humane beings we must conscientiously strive to work on our Inner Liberation as we struggle together as one family of humanity to bring about Outer Liberation in the world. Let us come together as we move onwards towards Global Liberation!

Venceremos Unidos!
Peter S Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California, Aztlan


5 thoughts on “In Search of Inner Liberation

  1. Yes, Brother Robert. It is definitely Our Journey at Co-Beings upon Mother Earth, though sometimes it can be a lonely path. We are searching each other out ~looking for kindred spirits. ~Che Peta

  2. Sunday, March 04, 2012 ~ I have found that the general situation is not as bad as it seems. A lot of the work is to be done on ourselves, esp. those of us raised in Fascist Amerika. There are strong elements of selfish individualism and we always have brain clogs of racism ~whether conscious or subconscious. After World War II the Fascist menace merely migrated here into the United States with many of the same players and with the same fascist control-freak mentality, though the fascist psyche is mainly embedded at the top of the Power Pyramid.

    The big problem is that many do not even have to be physically repressed. We repress ourselves with our fears, anxieties and insecurities. Like there are little fascist toy soldiers in our brains that block our forward advancement in relation to elevating revolutionary consciousness. ~Che Peta

  3. Yes, there is a lot of self-repression in the psyche brought on by being raised in a class society that represses free thinking and those who stray from the herd. Appreciate your Comment.

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