On the Last Days of Winter via @Peta_de_Aztlan


Posted: 3-15-2012

We are in the last days of the Winter of our discontent. Springs begins around March 20th of 2012. Fresh hopes for a brighter future are in the air. Unless you have been hiding under a rock or smoking rock you should be aware of the impact of the Occupy Wall Street Movement (Twitter hashtag of #OWS) on the world. This new progressive movement has helped us to focus on the existence of the Wall Street bankers who were behind the so-called recession that began a few years ago and who continue to put corporate profits before the people’s basic survival needs. Actually we are still in the grips of what is really a Great Depression, despite fascist government lies spouted by the Obama Regime.

The #OWS Movement:

The Occupy Movement had and has different occupations around the country and in other cities of the world in order to protest the continued corporate greed of the Amerikan Empire. We are the 99% of the ‘haves’ vs. the 1% of the ‘have-nots’ in what is now an interconnected global class society.

We are living under the rule of an Evil Empire, worst than in any fictional Star Wars Empire. Under the Amerikan Empire there are no free independent nations. Thus, even the term internationalism is a misnomer. How can there be any true internationalism when there are no nations? We are faced with being in a new kind of colonized situation where the colonizers are equipped with the best armed forces, weapons and tools in all of human history. Old archaic Left-wing descriptions of the situation must now be called into question if not exorcised out of our collective mentality. We are now faced with brand new historical situations and our creative analyses need to reflect those new changed circumstances.

It should be recognized that the various occupations have not been able to hold their ground in those temporary occupations. After all, we are threatening the rights of private property, which is actually corporate property, not the right to your little stash box. Corporate property is considered sacrosanct, sacred and inviolable by the status quo.

Nevertheless, mass consciousness has been raised in the world thanks to #OWS to the point where many are now beginning to question the legitimacy of the rights of corporate property vs. the humane rights of the people. Now we need to continue to elevate mass consciousness in order to help keep the Occupation Movement alive and allow it to grow into other new areas of life. We need to build a broad-based global humane rights movement whose long-term strategic aim is global liberation, not temporary occupations but liberated areas we will need to hold onto and defend.

Certainly we can see that our Egyptian comrades have not been able to hold their ground at Tahrir Square without being under attack by the fascist forces of repression that are still ‘in power and secure’ in Egypt.

We are now threatening the assumed rights of corporate property, their right to wage unjust wars for corporate profits; their right to exploit the wretched working classes; and their right to extract the exhaustible natural resources of Mother Earth for corporate gain. There is only one planet Earth and there is no replacement.

A movement must breathe, move and maintain momentum to survive. It requires disciplined vanguard leadership, different kinds of organizations and cadres of dedicated conscientious individuals who are willing to make the necessary sacrifices for our forward movement. Our collective movement must be kept alive, promote mass  education and mobilize the people. We need to be open to new dynamic directions to give us fresh life. Otherwise, a movement can be repressed, wither away and die out.

#Internet Power:

We are actually blessed in the present situation because now we have Internet Power and the mass potential for communicating with each other on a global scale across borders imposed by the fascist hierarchy. The very existence of the various progressive movements in the world has been made known via Internet Power. We are not alone and isolated.

In an era of high-tech global communications, progressive movements must be able to find creative ways to penetrate deeper and deeper into the mass psyche of the world’s peoples. It is the masses of people who must come to the understanding that they alone are the motive force in human history.

Our own enemies have taught us that much of our Liberation War is about winning the mass support of the hearts and minds of the people. Erase all dumb doubts. We are in a war, not merely a classical trade union class struggle for surface reforms. In this war people die, get thrown into concentrations camps and suffer lifelong injuries. We pay in blood, sweat and tears for our personal participation and active involvement in global liberation.

We are not talking about an extracurricular activity for kids on Spring Break to do something with their boundless energy and active hormones. We are talking about people who have had enough of the evil in the world, who suffer personally in the misery of poverty and who are willing to fight for what they believe to be true.

Before it was our own enemies who had a solid global monopoly on global communications and what news reached the minds of the people. Now we have the power and potential power of social networking via various websites on the World Wide Web, including Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and other platforms. Internet power is a kind of equalizer.

#Struggle Onward

We need to continue to struggle onward, gain new experiences which will give us new lessons and keep uppermost in mind the practical necessity of integrating our lives online with our lives offline in our local communities and inline working on our own personal spiritual growth.

We are building a new bold progressive movement that manifests in an interconnected matrix of different struggles waged on different battlefronts. We are not only building a new movement, we are creating a new world for all of the family of humanity.

As time goes by we will develop a common vocabulary for dialogue. We still need to clarify the scattered clouds of confusion in the fertile minds of many well-intentioned supporters. Each of us must become a leader in our sphere of influence. Basic building of community infrastructure needs to be done, such as, creating inner city communes, developing mass literacy programs, registering people to vote and the creating of basic survival programs pending revolution. Our only real limitation is our own creative imagination.

Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way! We are coming through, we are constantly networking with others and we are determined to win by any and all means mandatory.

Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
Humane Liberation Party



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