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~ The Last Days of 2012 ~

We are in the last days of 2012 and the mania of 12-21-2012 in relation to the ancient Mayan Calendar is over. We are still here now. What are we doing to help the Mayan people in real life? What can we do?

Now is a good time for us to take stock of where we are as one family of humanity upon Mother Earth. Where is the general Global Liberation Movement at in these times of war and rumors of war? How do we move and propel it forward to global victory?

Remember that power is the dual capacity to correctly define connected reality and then change in a planned manner. We need to share a basic understanding of what is connected reality for us in the world, though our specific realities will vary depending upon our location on the globe. We need to see with clear eyes with a vision for the future, listen to the wisdom of the people and keep moving forward without fear

We are still engaged in class warfare in a class society between the two main classes in present-day class society: the -1% of the ‘haves- vs. the 99+% of the ‘have-nots’. We are still suffering under an advanced form of totalitarian fascism. We need to evolve beyond the old Occupy Wall Street Movement approach into a matrix of local-based Liberation Movements.

~ The Evil Empire ~

In connected reality we are still under the power of an Evil Empire ~ a global cabal of corporate capitalist fascist control freaks ‘in power and secure’. The term ‘Evil Empire’ may seem vague, but I assure you we are fighting against Evil and its power takes the form of a modern-day Empire. It is not simply an exceptional American Empire. It is a powerful global empire with corporate interests with various headquarters throughout the world, yet unified at the top of the power pyramid in relation to their addiction for mega-corporate profits. No matter the cost in blood, sweat and tears.

Under the Evil Empire there are no free, independent and sovereign nations who can lay a valid claim to nationhood. It takes more than a fancy flag and a soft seat at the so-called United Nations for a given country to actually be a sovereign nation with complete control over its land, social institutions, political-economy and natural resources. Thus, terms like nationalism and internationalism are no longer valid.

The Evil Empire is composed of:

* the Big Banks that control the world’s economy,
* the largest military machine in human history,
* the ruling elites of various corrupt governments,
* the major mass media outlets for propaganda,
* an array of killer drones violating air spaces,
* private mercenary armies who often work in the dark,
* secret agents, agent provocateurs and other evil elements.

As the Evil Empire is global, our various class struggles, mass protests and collective efforts for liberation must also be global in scope and range. For starters, we need to think global and work local. However, keep in mind that we live in an infinite cosmos with countless galaxies. We are not alone in the universe.

~ The Mania of December 21, 2012 ~

Imagination, innovation and initiative are the impulses of genuine insight, yet at times some folks let imagination get the better of them and abandon cold logic, basic reason and plain common sense.

Naturally many people were anxiously awaiting December 21, 2012 to see what would happen with all the hype that had been going on, especially for those of us on the Internet who are more susceptible to such online cultural conditioning and in some cases subconscious media manipulation.

It would have been great if we ascended to a higher plane of existence full of rainbows, butterflies and heavenly angels. Such was not the case. It all kind of reminded me of the anticipation of those who await the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. Realism is at the core of relevant revolutionary consciousness.

If there are parallel universes besides the one I am in now it may be that certain ones will ascend into those realms of reality and some may be left behind. If so, chances are I will be left behind. So be it.

I want to be where I feel I am most needed, beyond individual self-interest. To me, all realities are inherently connected at one level or another in the matrix of the cosmos. We are in this thing of ours together. What has been, has been ~what is here now is the present moment and what will be, will be.

I was aware of a number of theories and testaments about 12/21/12, from the Mayans, to the Plaedians, to the Master Gurus out to make a quick buck. I tend to be more down to earth, especially in consideration of all the insanity I have been through in my 61 Earth-years, including various forms of escapism, such as, the craziness of the 70s and drug addiction within the dope fiend subculture. We must combat insanity!

~ Internet Power for All ~

We are blessed for now with Internet Power with the potential for global communication. Sometimes a blessing can be a curse. We need to be careful not to isolate ourselves from the masses. We must remember that many of the people we need to reach out to do not have regular Internet Access. We do not want to create a separate caste of Internet addicts who do not converse with the people in the streets.

When we share our local activities with others who are online we can see different struggles going on at different stages of historical development. There is now more potential than ever for coordinated global efforts.

We need to use all forms of Internet networking, even on websites that may be data mining operations for the CIA, such as Facebook. We should not fall victim to fascist propaganda and be paranoid about open communications. We need to consciously exhaust all legal, peaceful and legitimate tactics with our long-range Grand Strategy being the SEIZURE OF STATE POWER on a global level.

Each of us can create, develop and expand our self as a Channel on various Internet platforms: Twitter, Blogs, Google+, You Tube, Facebook and whatever platform we can utilize to build up a mass collective consciousness. Use the limitless Power of Imagination!

~ Forward into the New Year of 2013 ~

Using Internet Power and other forms of communication we need to link up with all Liberation Movements around the world, keeping in mind that it is up to each of us to work on ourselves on an individual level and in our own local communities. Work with your expertise in your natural habitat.

We require vanguard leadership, communal organization and solid bases of operations if we are going to survive and succeed. The absurd anarchist ideal of having no leaders at all leaves us where we are: scattered out, politically defused, intellectually confused and, most importantly, without the active support of the masses.

A major principle should be exhausting all legal and legitimate methods of struggle in direct relation to the people’s present level of consciousness, not just our own. For example, we need to engage in electoral politics because they are forms of struggle the people are familiar with now. How can we speak of any authentic democracy if we do not use what few forms of expression we have, such as the Vote? We have multiple options and countless tactics we can use in our immediate situation now.

It is the people who must be activated to participate and manufacture the revolution. Vanguard parties alone are not enough. Old Vanguard Marxist-Leninist principles must be thrown in the dumpster as no longer relevant to our general situation. Sometimes we just need to start over anew.

As Comrade George L. Jackson advised, after the general strategy is understood by the intelligent commander the tactics applicable to a given situation are a product of the commander’s imagination alone.

Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
Coordinator ~ Humane Liberation Party de Aztlán
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika



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