My Christmas Message ~ @Peta_de_Aztlan

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Merry Christmas to All. Remember Jesus is the real reason for the Christmas Season, not presents and Santa Claus.

I just do not relate to the whole Christmas Season and all the mania that goes with it in this wicked world, especially here in the USA. This too shall pass.

I still miss my dearly departed Mother Ella P. Lopez, who passed to the other side long ago. I remember she would have Christmas Carols playing in the house during these times, decorate the home in festive fashion, the smell of tamales and the sparkling presents under the Christmas tree. Now all mere memories. In a way, my Mother was the heart of our personal family spirit and when she died the heart of our family died along with her.

Nowadays I hardly see my personal family and they are not into the Liberation process as I am. I refuse to be a happy and contented slave pretending this is the best of all possible worlds. I am living my life the way I see it; the way I want it. It is my life to be lived in liberty as much as possible.

I still see the need for a political party, involvement in civic life and being a global citizen. I have a Chritian ministry called CASA ~Christians Against Substance Addiction. We have CASA Meetings every Sunday at 7 PM at the local Salvation Army Emergency Shelter.

Plus, I continue to help build up a poltical party called the Humane Liberation Party wtih its 5-Point Survival Platform. If I have to fight these fascist demons alone I will. Nothing can defeat my resolve. None of my personal family is into what I am into the way I am. I am a rare bird. Thus, I declare my real large family to be the family of humanity.

I accepted Jesus Christ of Nazareth as my Lord and Saviour in relation to when I had my first Spiritual Awakening. Years ago, I was homeless, frightened and alone by the riverbank in the woods one dark lonely night. I was lost in so much grief, sorrow and anquish. I got down on my knees and prayed up to the Lord for Deliverance and He heard my cry. That was years ago and now I do not parade myself as a Christian, though I do believe in and know Creator in my heart. By nature a true Christian should be a radical humane being.

There are so many fake and phony Christians in the world it sickens me and fills me with disgust. I refuse to be a pathetic make-believer. I am a true believer all year round. Above all, I am first and foremost a humane being of the family of humanity.

The external world I live in is inhumane and went insane long ago. We have lost our communion with the Creator as Creatures of the Creator. Whether one is a Christian or not, we should be who we are, be kind to humankind and come together in unity in order to create a new world. Indeed, this is now a lost wicked world beyond repair. We are now an endangered species of life upon a planet in peril hell bent on mutual destruction.

Fuck being politically corect and to hell with being constricted by what is socially acceptable by an insane people in an insane society. It is natural to be radical, to rebel against the fascist forces of repression and to be involved in a War of Resistance against the Evil Empire! It means you are awake, aware and alive!

Once we are fully awake we need to stay awake, help awaken others and take creative action to transform connected reality. I follow a path with heart. For me, there is no other path worthy for a warrior than a path with heart. I would dearly love to see Peace on Earth, yet I see a wicked world at war on the brink of extinction. Struggle onward! Seize the time!

Power to the People! Global Liberation in our Lifetime!
Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
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