On the Process of Liberation: 1-14-2013


The process of liberation begins with one totally committed being who desires liberation by any means necessary. This is a radical proposition which strikes at the root of matters. One does not have a sincere desire for liberation yet stop half-way and settle for half-measures. The power of one can impact upon the many. It all begins with the individual being in balance.

On the other hand, one cannot be totally liberated by one’s self in society all alone. One requires the help, assistance and active support of other people with whom one can struggle together with for the liberation of all of us from the agony of pain, the misery of poverty and the nightmare of suffering.

An Individual Level ~

On an individual level we can liberate ourselves from the systemic lies, deception and misinformation fostered by the reactionary forces of authoritarian fascism by raising our cosmic consciousness to higher levels of understanding, evolving as enlightened beings. Each of us can learn what we can about past history, about what is going on the world today and have dreams about what kind future we want to be in. Each of us must obey our calling and fulfill our destiny. Be true to your truth.

In the Big Picture of life on a global scale we share the same planet in peril with its limited resources. None of us are totally independent of the external world and the effects of its environment. Put another way, none of us are totally free, liberated and independent until we are all free. We are all in this thing of our together. The truth is we need each other as interdependent beings.

We are dependent on the air we breathe, on a given system of economic production to help meet our basic collective needs. We have spiritual and emotional needs that are met in our personal relationships with others. No man on an island unto himself can be fully content. Solitary confinement is considered a form of severe punishment. In order to secure our collective liberation as people we stage protests, engage in rebellions and create liberation movements.

A Connected Matrix ~

Today there is a matrix of connected liberation movements struggling to build up their movements in various countries. In general, they strive to overthrow unjust systems of government and replace those systems with a People’s Government of one kind or another. Ideally, it will be a just government that truly represents and serves the basic needs of the people in a given country. Whether it will be a secular democratic government or not is up to the regional people involved to decide who will represent them through free, fair and open elections. The fact remains that no one country can be truly free when there are other countries around it living under any kind of government tyranny.

Today the global economy is dominated and controlled by various financial interests of corporate capitalism protected by an Evil Empire. Despite all the delusions, there is true evil in the world and there is an Evil Empire. This may seem simplistic to some scholars but the truth is that we are not only talking about the U.S.A. as an Empire. This Empire has global control over the global economy, the global military and the global media to keep itself ‘in power and secure’.  It is now in charge of the greatest military machine in all of human history. They sell the obsession of narrow nationalism to keep us competing with each other as separate peoples within artificial national boundaries as they themselves work closely together as one vast global corporate cabal of evildoers: an Evil Empire!

The truth is that under this Evil Empire there are no sovereign independent nations. Nations as such no longer exist. There are scattered territories under the dominion of this Evil Empire. None can simply decolonize and pretend to be sovereign states again as long as this Evil Empire still rules the world. We are dispersed communities and need to struggle towards a unified global intercommunalism.

Liberation is a process ~

Liberation is a process, not a final conclusion or a set of fixed frozen ideas. It is a living, breathing and expanding process of historical development with different stages of creative growth, blossoming and expansion. To think that a given revolution alone will automatically solve all our problems is naïve, idealistic and ultimately has the potential of being a reactionary thought. We have seen violent revolutions plant the seeds of resentments and future counter-revolutions. We have seen revolutions that were once shining examples of what a revolution should be all about kill its own people and become counter-revolutionary. The means must justify the ends, not the reverse. We cannot in good conscience resort to inhumane methods to achieve humane ends.

The real struggles for liberation are struggles involving the creation of new kinds of relationships with each other with a solemn respect for the humane rights of all people upon Mother Earth. We need to learn to live together in love, peace and harmony as creatures of the Creator or we may very well self-destruct as a species in mutual wars of violence.

Global Liberation ~

At the risk of being idealist, we should strive to create a peaceful global liberation. We need to be sincere in our desires to exhaust all peaceful methods of struggle, including electoral politics when possible. See the role of force as a desperate last resort when all other methods of struggle have been clearly exhausted. Always we must uphold our sacred right to armed self-defense even if we have to go on the offensive. We cannot afford to be passive pacifists when our lives are at stake and we are being attacked. Mass rebellion will result in repression and repression breeds resistance. The whole situation growing in spirals.

It is not enough for the people’s vanguard elements to see the practical necessity and logical possibility of Global Liberation. It must be the masses of the people who have learned through their own direct experiences the validity of Global Liberation.

Vanguard can only show by personal example the general direction of current events, help engage in mass communal education and help convince the people about the merits of liberation. Ultimately it is up to the masses of people to fight for their own liberation, not small isolated vanguard elements alone.

We need to think in terms of Global Liberation for all  of us as one family of humanity. No single socialist economy can fully mature under a capitalist dominated global economy. It really is that simple. We need Global Liberation.

Revolution is treason ~

We must understand that revolution is a felony, against the law and tantamount to treason inside the United States. Many progressives spout off about revolution without fully understanding the ramifications of what revolution really means. Many have no clue as to what kind of revolution there should be, as if we can forget all about that stuff until afterwards. This is Left-wing adventurism. The revolutionary struggle as it is today, at least in the U.S.A., is retarded, devoid of reason and not based upon factual analyses of actual conditions in connected reality. No wonder why we lack popular support by the people. The people are not stupid and they are not sheep who are asleep. Many of us are just trying to survive on a hand-to-mouth basis with at least a semblance of sanity in this sick inhumane society. The people’s vanguard elements must relate to the people’s present level of consciousness, identify mutual needs and provide radical leadership.

Conclusion ~

The core truth of the whole situation is in the center of connected reality, not in any bipolar Left-Wing or Right-Wing imbalance. In all our heavy work we must never forget the basic needs of the people: food, clothing, shelter, good health and quality education. A hungry man wants a good meal in his stomach , not an obtuse obscure speech. Once we stray from the importance of the people’s basic survival needs we defect from the people.

In the context of connected reality, all of our realities are interconnected at one level or another, to one degree or another. We must understand the inherent connectivity in life. This understanding must be repeated and understood over and over again until it fully sinks into our mass communal consciousness. We are looking for connections and interconnections.

We must follow the truth wherever it may lead us ~ even if we have to throw all our theories to the bare floor and think them all over again. We seek progress, not perfection.

Venceremos Unidos! United We Will Win!
Coordinator Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California, Aztlan
Email: peta.aztlan@gmail.com
HELP Portal ~ http://help-matrix.ning.com/  ~
~ https://helpmatrix.wordpress.com/ ~

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