Look Forward!

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We are in a new stage in our development as a species of life upon Earth, especially in terms of our general consciousness.

New Mayan Era ~

On December 21, 2012 we reached the conclusion of the 5,125-year cycle of the Mayan Calendar. Many of us did not even know about the 2012 prophecy and the Mayan Calendar until a few years before at most. Some of us had a sense of dread about 12/21/2012 in case there was a huge drastic cosmic-global change beyond our control, such as, the End of the World, a complete polar switch over between the North and the South Poles or another Earth-changing catastrophic event There were naïve distortions by some about the Mayan Calendar by so-called experts. Some profit-driven perverts made money off our fears. So it all showed us how fearful and gullible we can be in life. Nonetheless, we are still here now. We are now in a New Mayan Era.

We have gone through the Milky Way’s galactic alignment as part of a 26,000 year cycle, through the center of time on Mother Earth. Our whole system is in a new actual space in time in the galaxy that those of us who are alive have never ever experienced before, except those who look at life as reincarnated beings.

Consciousness today ~

We are now seeing beyond the boundaries of our individual consciousness, achieving a larger social consciousness and via Internet media we are more and more building a global consciousness. Indeed, we are beginning to grasp the awesome vastness of our galaxy within the infinite cosmos. Perhaps most important about all this stuff is that it has the potential for a transformation in our general consciousness.

There is a lot of chaos and confusion surrounding the whole concept of consciousness. There are a lot of charlatans and other clowns who have made a profit-making industry and religion around consciousness. There are some who think in absolute terms and falsely believe that everything is consciousness, as if all of the complexity of life simply boils down to the realm of consciousness and various interpretations of consciousness.

Consciousness alone is useless unless it is connected to creative action that can change and influence the actual world we live in today, that is, our own existential connected reality. Let us not let the pursuit of consciousness become another Weapon of Mass Distraction from our collective need for Global Liberation and our personal need for Spiritual Liberation as we continue to work on our general enlightenment.

There are so many different forms of escapism. Even the quest for enlightenment can be escapism from our collective and personal responsibility to get involved, combat evil and help create a new world.

We live in troubled times in the world. Some have valid reasons for wanting to escape from the heavy responsibilities of life via sex, music and drugs. Many are suffering in the misery of poverty and seek false escape from their personal troubles. Nevertheless, connected reality has a way of sticking around despite our distractions.  We must use the clarity of consciousness to help us see where we are and move forward in life.

Common Needs ~

As humane beings we share common basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and quality education. We can identify with each other and have empathy with others based upon our common needs. Despite our yearnings for Global Liberation we need to be practical, realistic and aware of the importance of our basic survival needs, survival pending liberation. The people want land, bread and respect for their basic humane rights.  Our basic agenda in life should involve humane rights in general ~standing up for humane rights for all, speaking out against injustice and getting involved in life as advocates, as activists, as aware humane beings.

At the same time we have spiritual needs that we must attend to and not ignore. We have natural needs for love, for attention and for affection from others. No matter how much of a stoic rugged individual we may be. It involves keeping in balance as a triune being in the matrix of the mind, body and soul.

If we look at the constantly expanding and deepening of social media on the Internet we can see that millions have a desire for connectivity with others in the world. We are living in such an interconnected world via the Internet that we sometimes forget and assume the capacity to have Internet Power in our lives. To be connected to the Internet can even be considered a basic need beyond our mandatory survival needs and even a humane right as an extension of our right to freedom of speech.

We need to look at the whole of life from different levels, at least from an individual level yet also as social beings. We live in a society that can already been seen as one global society interconnected by the dynamics of global politics and the technology of our global economy. More and more people are getting involved in a matrix of interconnected liberation movements happening around the world.

We need to look forward to the future with a positive optimistic attitude, not with a sense of dread. Times are tough; we must be tougher and have the courage to change the things we can. Life is what we make it and how we take it.

Venceremos!  Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlán
Sacramento, California, Aztlán

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