We Need to Be Self-Motivated via @Peta_de_Aztlan


Sunday, Febrero 17, 2013
@11:09 AM ~ Sometimes it gets hard to carry on around here. Most of the folks in my immediate external environment are in a zombie-like state of being. They live their empty lives just sticking to the same daily routine for living, or actually, they are merely existing day-to-day in their little self-obsessed world. For many, their next big plan is what they will eat at their next meal.

Thus, I need to be self-motivated and not depend on being motivated by those who happen to be around me. My deep love is a primary motivator!

I have tried to build up a little political party onlline called the Humane Liberation Party ~ http://help-matrix.ning.com/ ~ with little response; over the years I have been involved with several social movements that have faded away; I have posted News Items via the Internet in Yahoo Groups and other online platforms now for a long time; I have worked with a 12-Steps group called CASA at the local Salvation Army Emergency Shelter as a volunteer Coordinator for over 10 years with usually only a few in attendance.

In my past employment with the SHRA I have helped create several housing programs for low-income people, even these programs remain in fear of getting their funding cut off. Plus, many people who have been helped by these programs fail to address the root causes that brought them into being needy and homeless.

People in general remain fearful, passive and are too lazy to get involved in causes that may help to ward off our extinction as a speices of life upon planet Earth. Indeed, the Earth is in peril.

Thus, despite all that I have said, typed and done I have gotten little actual support from people that I actually know in my real life for causes I am involved in. Now I have my own spiritual enlightenment as a main priority in my life.

The Evil Empire becomes more stronger and richer than ever. Many Amerikan voters voted for a War Criminal named Barack Obama. Many so-called activists do not even support the idea of voting or active engagement in electoral politics.

The promise of the Occupy Wall Movement has peaked out and there is no strong liberation movement or liberation party inside the United States ~the brain of the beast. The #IdleNoMore Movement has helped to raise a new awareness about indigenous native issues, but there is always an urgent need for a greater vision.

IF we propose getting rid of this government, after wasting decades on surface reforms, what kind of actual government do we propose to put in its place? Why do we waste time and energy begging a government to be humane in its policies and programs?

Many people lack a basic rudimenary understainding of political economy. Many have a great ignorance of the historical lessons of past revolutions and revolutionary movements. As conscious social beings we are not fully embracing our perosnal responsibility to change society for the better in what ways that we can.

This evening I have my usual CASA Meeting at Sally’s. At least it makes me feel that I am of some little help. Active addiction is a major form of escapism from connected reality. I mainly advocate combating drug addiction. However, I know there are many addictions. In fact, I live in an addicted society. We have become a society addicted to war, to oil, to Big Pharma, to fruitless pursuits. and to escapist entertainment.

I appreciate life now more than ever. I appreciate the fact that I have two good pair of hands and being able to type pretty fast with my nimble fingers. Sharing is caring!

Namaste! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan c/s



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