My morning ritual starts with a wholistic prayer….


My morning ritual starts with a wholistic prayer….

After making the sign of the cross: In  the name of the Creator, the Creature and the Holy Spirit: Guide our spirits with pure love, enlighten our minds with wisdom and protect our bodies with good health. Amen!

I remember the old days when I would wake up already stressed out, wash up or shower, throw some clothes on and rush outside the door without a prayer. Nowadays I am blessed that I do not have a regular slave job. No more having to punch in at a time clock. No more having to put up with inept supervisors. No more having to tolerate idiots who are in charge of the work place. After working at a variety of slave jobs since I was 14 years old I can now pretty much do with my time, energy and attention what I want.

I am on SSI Disability based upon being diagnosed Bipolar now. So I get enough to pay rent, buy food and take care of myself. I have a payee company called CEPS which is at Loaves & Fishes. I count my blessings not my curses. I have learned to have an attitude of appreciation. I do not buy into the Bipolar stigma that others suffer from who are also diagnosed Bipolar. In fact, now I have tendencies in my personality, not necessarily disorders promoted by Big Pharma and the DSM Manual!

There is no shame to my game. Am I bipolar or am I waking up!?

If I have any real job these days it is working on my own Spiritual Enlightenment. I usually spend my days here safe at home on the Internet. I report and post up on global news events via social media, such as, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ ~plus, I have a few blogs and websites where I post stuff.

I have two accounts on Twitter which each serve their purpose. My main one is @Peta_de_Aztlan and my alternate one is @Humane_Being, Those are my User Names if you are sharp enough to use Twitter.

My Facebook Profile is ~ ~

My Tumbler is ~ ~

In my own blogs I can store stuff for future reference without having to take up storage space on my hard drive.


I am a recovered dope fiend, drunk and formerly a homeless refugee in the city of my birth, Sacramento, California. I am not here to live up to your standards and you surely cannot live up to mine. I am here to create, to evolve as a creative creature of the Creator. I try to help others as I can, but like my Mom use to say, “God helps those who help themselves.”

Each of us must find our own path in life, there is no one path for all. There are many pathways up the mountain top.  I have left some sign posts behind me for others to follow if they so wish. If we are wise, we live our lives as a result of our conscious choices, our priorities and our personal relationships.

Ultimately, each of us must follow our own path with heart, find out what our mission is in life it, heed our inner calling and be true to who we really are as spiritual beings.

When we are not true to ourselves conflicts arise, inner spiritual conflicts and conflicts with others in our personal relationships. In a way, I have become a ‘lone wolf’ in this vicious dangerous world. As far as I can tell, nobody gets out of here alive. I am blessed to be alive, learning and still creating.

HOW my Spiritual Program works is to be Honest, Open and Willing to change, to evolve, to blossom into the beauty I can be as a wholesome being. I am not there yet, but I am on my way.

Each of us should live as free, liberated and independent as we can, yet recognize that we need to love, help and cherish one another as one Family.

I suggest we try not to just live up to the expectations of others, but live up to our own expectations. Be the best version of you can be for your own inner peace, sanity and liberty. Get rid of any hero worship of anyone. Be your own hero. Be your own Spiritual Leader. Life your own life in pursuit of your own happiness for your own self-esteem.

Internet Power is a saving grace in these troubled times of transition. It enables us with the capacity to share words, images and sounds with others on a global level. For some who are new to it, it is like a new toy; for others who are more Internet savvy it is a great tool for helping to raise and expand a mass collective consciousness. We need to nurture a common mass mentality about what is going on in the world to help all who suffer from various forms of economic poverty, political oppression and military repression.

Consciousness is key if we are to save humankind from its own hell-bent mutual destruction as an endangered species. All our many social liberation movements are parts of the larger movement matrix in connected reality.

We must topple the Evil Empire that rules over our lives and at the same time rid ourselves of our own divisive evilness. We need to unite with our true friends to attack our real enemies and settle our differences.

Life is ultimately spiritual warfare between Evil dark forces and the forces of Light and Liberty.

We do not have to be perfect in all we do. We are mere mortals striving to find true meaning in our lives. We just need to progress on a daily basis, love one another despite our character defects and come together as one Family of Humanity! Seize the time! Venceremos Unidos! We will win together!

Namaste! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan ~



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