Looking Forward Into a New Spring via @Peta_de_Aztlan


“The only way we’ll get freedom for ourselves is to identify ourselves with every oppressed people in the world.” ― Malcolm X

We have survived the Winter of 2012-2013, along with the hyped-up mania about 12/21/12 that fooled many. We will have to fight for our Global Liberation without waiting on Jesus Christ, kind aliens or any external forces to save us from ourselves.

Now we are in early Spring. Our Comandante Hugo Chavez did not live out this past Winter and his powerful presence is sorely missed on the world scene. Our spirits have the potential to outlive our physical bodies. Long Live the Spirit of Comandante Huge Chavez!

The Fuhrer Obama has been re-elected now, the snake oil man Romney has gone back into the woodwork, Amerikan Fascism is in power and secure and the Obamabots still suffer from cognitive dissonance. How can such a cool, handsome and intelligent man with a great smile turn out to be a devious silver-tongued demon waging drone warfare?

The fervor of the Occupy Wall Street Movement has pretty well died out and its local occupations have dwindled down. It was not consciously designed to sustain itself, to defend itself from fascist attacks and grossly overestimated the Egyptian uprising centered in Cairo at Tahrir Square. It did help to wake up the progressive movement inside the U.S.A. out of its coma and gave us a surge forward in our liberating efforts here and elsewhere in the world.

The three major strategic errors of the #OWS Movement were:

1. Failure to formulate a creative coherent ideology that could correctly define connected reality and transform it in a projected manner in light of a given set of psycho-social-environmental circumstances.

2. Failure to establish a structured vanguard organization with open aboveground leadership in conjunction with a basic revolutionary platform that at least embraces the merits of democratic socialism, beyond anarchist ambitions.

3. Failure to transform the various occupation locations into local autonomous infrastructure composed of communal centers that could remain open to the people and serve as communal bases of operation defended by armed might, not dismantled.

Failure is the mother of success. We can play semantics and claim that these failures were a part of the process of a new Liberation Movement. Many of today’s liberation movements still suffer from these same failures. The historical lessons paid for in blood are there and close attention must be paid to them. Criticism and self-criticism are mandatory for the eventual success of any Liberation Movement.

A Liberation Movement must move, keep momentum going and be capable of constantly inspiring the masses to respond, to  join up with us and be active participants. Only the masses in their splendid billions can create Global Liberation, not vanguard elements alone.

We need to look at the Big Picture in life as it is here now, not get fixated on a single snap shot. What we see is a global matrix of progressive Liberation Movements going on at different stages of historical development all around the world. Movements emerge and blossom, develop and expand, come and go, change and spin as they go through metamorphosis and stimulate other related Liberation Movements.

The basic needs of the people remain the same: food, clothing, shelter, decent medical care and quality education. In all our grandiose global strategies we must be sure to remember the basics of survival, pending liberation. We want land, bread and clean water.

Our General Strategy and related set of tactics must keep in mind that we here upon Mother Earth are one family of humanity. We have common basic survival interests, common dreams for our different communities and should share common humane principles upon which we can build strong mass solidarity. Once the basic strategy is understood by the intelligent commander the tactics applicable to a specific situation are a product of imagination alone.

We require an inclusive humane approach to politics, the politics of Liberation, not narrow-minded racial-nationalist-ethnic politics. At the same time, we cannot be naïve and color-blind to the continued existence of racism among us, especially White racism inside the U.S.A. We still live in a class society riddled with various forms of social racism, but White racism in particular still remains a major source of division for us inside the U.S.A. We must be able to clearly identify and root out all harmful sources of division: classism, sexism, racism, nationalism, tribalism and other obstacles to our global unity. We can broadly consider these divisions as negativism and inherently evil.

Let us pray we are aware that the ancient War between Good Vs. Evil continues to this day in the world and within ourselves. We cannot eliminate all evil, but we can eliminate evil in our governments, social structures and institutions. We cannot afford the luxury of liberal idealism. We must evolve and embrace a profound radicalism that strikes at the roots of the Evil Empire and its authoritarian corporate fascism.

Because of the #IdleNoMore Movement we here in the U.S.A. have become more aware of the indigenous issues of Canada than we were before. It has helped to stimulate the Chicano-Latino Movement here in the U.S.A., including the Immigrant Rights Movement in general. Many of us Chicanos have become more aware of our natural native indigenous roots as people of Mother Earth.

In the interest of global unity our precious Black brothers and sisters must be loved and embraced as natural allies in our intercommunal global Liberation Movement. All obvious and subtle signs and symbols of social racism must be openly dissected in search of common ground. We must shine the light of truth upon the darkness. In general, the U.S.A. is the result of a double-genocide of the original native people of these lands and Africans during Black slavery. We cannot afford the luxury of selective amnesia about true history.

Each of us can contribute to the greater good in our own way, depending on our individual circumstances. We need to see ourselves as global citizens. The Spirit of the Liberation Movement must be integrated into our cultures as a way of life, a way of being in the world; not just a loud protest, temporary fast or unsustainable occupation. We must live and breathe liberation and justice for all as humane beings, not skin-colors.

Our Liberation Movement is not for the lazy faint of heart who seeks a quick fix or band-aid for conditions that have taken centuries to degenerate to this point. If we do not suffer extinction as a species and are able to create the power base for Global Liberation the hardest struggle will involve creating and nurturing a new foundation for humane loving relationships among all of us.

We need to think in terms of protracted war, exhaust all peaceful methods of resistance, uphold our humane rights and never give up on our intercommunal struggles for peace, democracy, justice and a safe environment.

#IdleNoMore alive and well, Pam Palmater says ~North Bay Nugget

Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
Peter S. López aka @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika c/s



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