Get Your Liberation Program On! via @Peta_de_Aztlan

“The world hangs by a thin thread, and that thread is the psyche of man….”
~ C.G. Jung

I recommend we all get involved in a personal Spiritual Liberation Program of one kind or another in order to build up a wholistic infrastructure for our sanity, our liberty and our general well-being. In other words, whatever words you use, get involved in a positive self-help program, come to know yourself well, be aware of how you matured to this point in life, be here now in your full presence, keep yourself surrounded by positive healthy people and be able to appreciate inner solitude to sustain your own sanity in an increasingly insane world.

Focus on your own Spiritual Enlightenment. Let your inner light shine out from deep within out into the world around you. One must know one’s self in relation to others to be truly enlightened, not stay in lone isolation alone. Strive to be an integrated whole being in the world, but be sure not to be afraid to be alone with your own beingness. Light must shine upon the darkness or it cannot know its true power. It is our nature to have light and shadow aspects to our personality. We all have the potential for good or for evil. Seek the light of truth.

It is good to gradually develop a healthy ego, a deep understanding of one’s self as an individual in the world. A healthy ego must be balanced with a strong quality of humility. Be aware of any inflated ego that puffs one’s self up and exaggerates one’s real position in the world. Egotism is a great enemy of enlightenment, not the individual ego itself. Learn to discern distinctions, not accept matters at face value.

Express yourself freely. Freedom of speech is like a vibrant muscle; we must use it or lose it. Do not be afraid to express yourself, even if your opinions are unpopular or different from the timid herd. Do not get hung up on what other people think about your ideas and ideals. Many are not even thinking clearly because they are clouded by their own confusion about the true nature of connected reality. You must think for yourself. You must speak up for yourself. Let your voice be heard in the world. I am I, you are you and together we create a ‘we’. Many are too screwed up to admit their own flaws, faults and foibles. Do your own honest personal inventory of your character: take stock of your assets and liabilities.

As time goes by, more and more people will exhibit insidious insanity, psychic mental holds are slipping away, folks are losing their grip on connected reality, many are devoid of common sense wisdom, the insanity of the government filters down into the perverted psyche of the collective mass consciousness, traditional ethical standards are being abandoned, the common ground is being shaken up underneath us by a kind of mass paranoid fear disguised as indifferent apathy.

People are concerned about what is going on in the world. Many see the urgent need for drastic radical changes, but are unsure as to how to bring about these changes or they are simply afraid of any reactionary repression. What is our strategy? What are our tactics? Do not confuse the two. Tactics are the means to an end strategy.

In the Big Picture we need to bring about Global Revolution and overthrow all unjust regimes, mega-corporate institutions and repressive military machines. Any local or regional revolution by itself can easily become targeted, isolated and destroyed. We are all on the same planet Earth. Any relevant revolution must be global in scope and range, not merely local. We may not achieve Global Revolution in our lifetime on an existential individual level, but we should now be able to clearly see the long-term strategic goal of Global Revolution via the overthrow of the Evil Empire and the seizure of dominant state powers.

Understand that a relevant revolution means the total transformation of property relations between the 99+% of the ‘have-nots’ and the -1% of the ‘haves’. If the corporate ruling class still holds the reins of power, including the power to wield the violence of military forces and still has direct control over its corporate holdings, there has been no real legitimate revolution. An uprising in-and-of itself is not to be considered an automatic revolution.

Liberation must be solidly based upon the actual existence of the liberated being on an individual level ~one who has broken free of the perverted psychic hold of the foul fascist military-police state.

If we are ever to live in a state of liberation we must first liberate ourselves on an individual level. We must at least liberate our minds from the lies and deceptions of fascist propaganda. The complete humane being evolves in the trinity of the mind, body and soul. If we cannot free our minds our entire beings can never experience genuine freedom. Thus, it is of key importance for us to concentrate and work on our Spiritual Liberation as conscious humane beings.

“What we must create is the human being of the 21stcentury, although this is still a subjective aspiration, not yet systematized. This is precisely one of the fundamental objectives of our study and our work…. In this process, in which there was only the germ of socialism, the individual was a fundamental factor. We put our trust in him — individual, specific, with a first and last name — and the triumph or failure of the mission entrusted to him depended on that individual’s capacity for action.”
~ Che Guevara

The liberation of all of us is bound up with the liberation of each of us. Liberate yourself!
Socialism and man in Cuba ~by Che Guevara (March 1965) ~ ~

Way of Dream ~via Marie-Louise von Franz ~Video 2 (full) ~ ~Uploaded on Aug 4, 2011

Dalai Lama ~ Educating the Heart: ~via @DalaiLama~Published on Apr 17, 2012


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