7-26-2013 ~ Message to #Facebook Friends:

7-26-2013 ~ Message to Facebook Friends:

I wanted to take the time today to do a direct Facebook post, which I rarely do. You can call it a Check In!

Often #Facebook does not post my stuff from #Twitter via my Account @Peta_de_Aztlan. I am a prolific Tweeter, which is better than when I was a prolific Tweaker!

I have cross-posting set up for #Twitter and for my #YouTube Account you can #Subscribe to it here >

I suspect Facebook has definite filters for certain key words and a cryptic program that operates behind what we see here on the computer screen. Much of what goes on in life is behind the screen, behind the curtains and behind the veils.

Have you seen all the computer code that exists behind an ordinary Microsoft Word document? Create a blog, type up a sentence in Word, copy and paste it to your blog in Compose mode, then see what is behind it in HTML. I actually have several blogs, most mainly for storage and have been at this for a long time. I am not typing out the side of my neck here! Even plain white paper you buy at an Office Depot has hidden codes within it.

I understand that Facebook is a data mining website for the #CIA, #NSA and other fascist fiends. It is what it is. I am not hiding and I am not #Anonymous.

Nonetheless, we can use Facebook for communication purposes and just for fun playing around. I am not paranoid about such stuff, but I try to not be naive.

The advocacy of #Revolution can be a felony in a given context! I advocate #Global #Liberation and exhausting all legal peaceful methods of protest, resistance and rebellion. I know, not just suspect, I know that we are living in a vast global surveillance society under the rule of corporate fascism.

The 2008 #Recession was designed by corporate fascism and was actually another Great Depression.

See: Inside Job. The documentary. Online. For free.
What led to the trillion-dollar collapse of 2008? What’s next?!

POTUS Obama is a fascist fraud, a war criminal, a hypocrite and a deceiver with a smley face! I suspect we are headed towards another manufactured economic #collapse before too long, especially if it is related to a mass domestic uprising and the resultant mass repression. Keep in mind that #Internment camps are already in place within the continental United States.

I continue to believe that Internet Power can be a major form of mass education. It can help provide people with the #News and #Information needed to help spread awareness and raise a mass revolutionary consciousness about the practical necessity and logical possibility of a peaceful revolution in our lifetime. Global Revolution would be a quantum leap in our collective evolution as an endangered species of life upon Mother Earth.
I am now single without a woman always around, now on SSI and thus have the existential situation so I can spend time doing what I do. I no longer indulge in my former dope fiend behavior and drunkenness of my dark past. Thus, I try to use my energy as a #truth #Warrior, a rebel journalist and an online reporter.

For example, on #Twitter I now have 2,362 Followers and only Follow 99 others (in recognition of the 99+%, plus to avoid Information Overload).

I also have an alternate account on Twitter @Humane_Being where I Follow more folks. I know I am reaching out to a lot of folks and make a point of hanging up my hangups. I do not require validation from any mortal source, though I appreciate positive feedback. The world has enough negativity. trust me!

Some might think of me as an extremist radical, if so, that is only in the context of my being in a racist, reactionary society ruled by an evil repressive rogue regime known as the United States Government. A true radical is someone who delves into the deep roots of connected reality, into the depths of what really matters, including spiritual matters, and advocates the truth as far as he or she knows it.

I am a natural man who gets disturbed by knowing of the mass hunger, mass poverty and the mass suffering that is going on in the world, especially homeless children stuck with lousy parents.

I Follow Global News and venture to say that I have a far better and wider understanding of what the hell is going in the world than most folks. I make it a point to be aware!

Sometimes I may be too verbose (wordiness), but I would rather express myself too much than too little. We can be as sick as our secrets!

I lost my beloved Brother Bobby Esteban Lopez to death on April 8th of this year. I wish he would of written more and that I would of done more Videos of him, but he was kind of shy in his own humble way. I still miss him every day…..

Express yourself without fear. Know that what you express online and is preserved is stuff that can be left behind for your familial descendants and others who know and care about you.

So many are born, live out their limited lifetime and die without hardly anyone even knowing they even lived! Think about that!

Heck I might make this little Facebook post another post in my blog! Have a great Friday! We have the Concert in the Park at Cesar Chavez Plaza Park this evening and Fiesta En Los Calles on Saturday.

Don’t drink booze and drive! Watch the kids! Wash your hands! Flush the toilet! And remember to allow your own Inner Child expression!

Namaste! Peter S. Lopez aka @Peta_de_Aztlan
Email: peta.aztlan@gmail.com
Humane Liberation Party Coordinator
Sacramento, California, United Stasi of Amerika


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