Still Alive, Awake and Aware in #Nazi Amerika
November 15, 2013
By @Peta_de_Aztlan aka +Peter S. Lopez

I have had a few brushes with death in my lifetime. I do not take the actual simple miracle of being alive lightly and take it for granted. In my life, I just do what I can to help raise intercommunal mass consciousness in my own little way with the meager tools I have available and with what little talents the Creator has bestowed upon me. For me it is important to be humble. Humility helps one to advance in one’s spiritual growth. I can learn from the fools as well as the wise ones. As far as I can tell, no one gets out of life alive. I am more concerned with how honestly I live, how nobly, how honorably, than merely how long I live in Earth years.

I am awake here now, though the idea of being awake can be relative. Some  folks refer to those who are not politically educated as they understand it as the ‘sheepie’ or sheep. I find that arrogant because no one automatically becomes politically savvy. It takes going through many meaningful direct life experiences, studying a lot on different subjects and having many creative conversations with others who are trying to make it in the world to awaken. Even then we can easily be lulled back into sleep by our own fears and flaws. To be awake is to see the present moment at a point in time within the context of connected reality.  There are different kinds of wakefulness.

To be awake is to know what is going on in  your life, what is going on in the society and real world that you live in. Some people are more awake than others. Some folks are just pretending to be asleep to what is really going on. Hoping to avoid making any kind of personal commitment to change and ultimately transform the world we live in now.

To be awake is to be aware of what is going on in your life, in your world and to see the Big Picture, not merely occasional snap shots. It cannot all be easily contained in an Instagram! Life is an ongoing cumulative learning process in what I consider to be protracted war. Many have to fight for a meal each day!

Many people mistake their version of the relative truth as a frozen universal truth that is eternal and applicable to all in all situations. Every day we need to look at connected reality with fresh eyes, check out the global news and just be aware of what is happening in our own personal lives. Sometimes we need to question our assumptions, be willing to re-examine our cherished ideas and be open to new revelations. It is good to be alive, awake and aware.

Understand that we are living under a truly Evil Empire orchestrated by the foul forces of a consciously aware authoritarian fascism; sovereign nations no longer exist; there is no genuine democracy in the United States and the bulk of the masses are under a fascist mental hold on their mass consciousness.

For us to truly topple the Evil Empire we must first realize that a few reforms at the top will not and cannot be enough. We must transform property relations between the -1% of the ‘haves’ and the 99+% of the ‘have-nots’ if there is ever to be a relevant revolution in the world. The people must have complete ownership, authority and control of the land and all the viable institutions thereon. No transformation of state power in property relations, no revolution. Despite all the hope and hype, the Arab Spring has not yet resulted in an actual relevant revolution. Revolution must be global in scope and range for us to know its full effects.

Practical realism is at the core of revolutionary consciousness. Even a Global Revolution may not be enough. Because of the real dangers to our global ecology and bio-diversity it may already be too late. Nevertheless, we need to at least try if we are to consider ourselves conscious humane beings. Our children and potential descendents are at least worth a conscious effort to save Mother Earth. We belong to the Earth, the Earth does not belong to us. Man himself is the primary predator and danger to life on Earth.

In a way, the United States is an exceptional country in the sense that the active support of its people is critical for there to be a Global Revolution because of its strategic location on the planet and present global power dynamics. We in the U.S.A. are in the brain of the beast stationed within its critical nerve centers, especially in the Inner Cities. Many of its people have been cushioned by the horrible physical effects of global corporate capitalism, we are more pampered by Empire, though there are large pockets of its people enduring life hand-to-mouth in Third World-like living conditions.

America was once boasted of as the ‘land of the free and home of the brave’. Now it has decayed and degenerated. The people of the United States are not really united. We here are in extremely divided states with different sectors of the population harboring mistrust, suspicion and even hate for other sectors. The American Dream has become the Amerikan Nightmare. The U.S.A. has an obedient, compliant and passive population that simply allows its so-called government, actually a rogue regime, to commit systemic genocide, mindless murder and cause bloody mayhem in many hot spots on the globe, including targeting for repression radical dissidents within its own borders. How many Germans in #Nazi Germany turned a blind eye to the gas chambers used to exterminate millions of Jews? We cannot simply blame Obama, or the Bankers or the Illuminati. We ourselves must take at least some responsibility for our sad state of affairs. Indeed, we are in #Nazi Amerika!

“Repression is here now, and we won’t reach the next level of revolutionary consciousness and activity until we meet it with a counter-terror and demonstrate to the people that we are here and resistance is possible.”
~ George L. Jackson, Blood In My Eye

There are many Liberation Movements in the world at different stages of development that together can be considered an interconnected matrix of organizations, groups and individuals, especially because of the advent of Internet Power. This capacity to communicate across artificial borders has not existed before in our known human history. This has its positives and negatives.

Those of us who are online need to be mindful of others and not divorce ourselves from the daily lives of those who are not online and without regular Internet Access. Once again, do not mistake your partial experience for universal truth. Many of our potential comrades are locked down in the prisons of Amerika’s concentration camps. Many of us suffer from a wide assortment of various mental-spiritual disorders living lives of constant dread and quiet desperation.

From birth, people in the United States have been subjected to decades of negative fascist programming that has damaged the neurons and synaptic connections in our brains. We are not making the necessary connections and interconnections we need for all of us to see that we are all truly one family of humanity, not lone isolated individuals in a world of our own.

We need to learn how to be humane with care, concern and compassion for all who suffer in silence in the misery of poverty. There are many divisions amongst us that can generally be considered as various forms of negativism: sexism, nationalism, racism, tribalism etc. We must understand and overcome these engineered divisions to help bring about a strong solidarity based upon our common needs and dreams for our collective survival and success as an endangered species.

For example, how can there be racism when we are actually all of one human race as human beings? Recall: the whole concept of separate races was a man-made social invention used by invading forces to rationalize their conquest of certain types of ‘foreign’ people. Killing someone we see as being innately inferior and not quite human can be construed as not actually killing a human but rather a lower life-form.

One major fascist #Psych-op is promoting the division between those who we consider as Left-Wing and those we think of as Right-Wing. The general truth of life is in the center, not on any one wing. Don’t fall for fascist mind-traps!

Many of us have not even mastered the power of the word in our lives. Many misunderstandings are caused because we have different definitions for  the same words. We are not even in the same library with the same dictionary, let alone on the same page. We need to have functional definitions for the words and terms we use in a conscious mindful and meaningful way.

For Liberation, we need to have a common general strategy and set of relevant tactics. Tactics are the means to end, not strategic ends in themselves. All tactics must be analyzed before we lightly discard them for one superficial reason or another.

For example, we need to utilize electoral politics in order to help raise consciousness and bring about constructive change, especially in our local communities. The people may not easily understand esoteric economic explanations, but they can understand the civic duty of being registered to vote and voting on Election Day. We need to constantly tap into the people’s present level of consciousness and not mistake it for our own as individuals.

Consciousness is the main battleground and the playing field. Propaganda is transmitting a series of ideas and ideals. Agitation is focusing on a few concepts for stimulating specific action. Many have been indoctrinated to see propaganda only in a negative dark light. We must define our own realities, not mindlessly swallow the definitions of our anti-life historical enemies.

Politics and war are inextricably, intricately and intimately interconnected. Passive liberal pacifists fail to see that there can be a just war fought for our liberty, fail to see that war can take countless forms and that war has many manifold manifestations. Many times the first war is first waged within ourselves, between the lights and the shadows within us. Words can be useful weapons of attack. Words can be tools for transmitting the truth. A weapon can turn into a tool and a tool can become a weapon. Everything is relative, nothing is absolute. Be fluid, not fixed.

We should strive for a peaceful revolution, exhaust all legitimate peaceful methods of struggle, yet not be under any naive illusions or dumbed down in any delusions. Our enemies know we are coming and have made preparations for any domestic disorder or Civil War.

A creative consciousness is the key to unlock the minds of the masses who have been programmed to believe that any resistance against repression is futile and doomed to fail. We can only fail if we do not fight back!

“Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation, understand that fascism is already here, that people are already dying who could be saved, that generations more will die or live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love in revolution. Pass on the torch. Join us, give up your life for the people!”
~~ El General George L. Jackson ~ Field Marshal Black Panther Party {1942–1971}

Conclusion: Let us come together as one people upon one planet. Break free of the chains that keep you enslaved in so many ways. If you think you are already liberated in your mind, then help liberate the minds of others. It is a truism that none of us are fully liberated until we are all liberated.

Express your true self with the tools at your disposal. Develop your talents, sharpen your skills and manifest your unlimited potentials.

Venceremos! Che Peta
Sacramento, California, #Nazi Amerika
Be In Tune With Your Soul via @Peta_de_Aztlan Posted on 11/11/2013
By @Peta_de_Aztlan
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