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Where are we at today? ~

The past year of 2013 went by pretty quick for me one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time. Now we are in the year 2014, an even number. A lot happened in the world this past year, yet a lot has not happened as I had hoped in early 2013. I can have a beautiful vivid and colorful dream when I sleep at night, then I awaken into the ugly nightmare reality as it is now in #Nazi #Amerika. I can only speak for myself, yet I care about the well-being of others. Sharing is caring. So I dare to share because I care.

Those of us who are still awake cannot afford to go back to sleep. We cannot pretend to not know what bitter experience has taught us without leaving ourselves open to errors in judgment. Many are asleep in the sense of not being fully awake to what is going on in the world. Many are apathetic and unawakened. It is hard to wake people up. We can get down, depressed and discouraged about the sleepy herd around us. When we get discouraged we must reach deep inside our souls and gather up our inner courage to carry the struggle onward in order to continue in our common quest for true liberation against all the tremendous odds against us in this wicked world!

The Liberation Movement inside the United States is still weak, ineffective and scattered out without:

~ a coherent general strategy and set of flexible tactics
~ aggressive vanguard leadership elements
~ a strong set of functional political organizations
~ a united front against authoritarian fascism

There are many global contradictions in the world that have left many people lost and confused about what is going on today. For example, many activists are still caught up in the Left-Wing vs. Right-Wing contradiction. The truth is in the Center of connected reality, neither exclusively Left nor Right. It is the same as supporting the Democratic Party and opposing the Republican Party. Both parties are controlled, directed and financed by the same foul fascist corporate state. Traditional electoral politics gives us the illusion of choice between two evil parties. Evil is evil. We need to connect, build up and work with alternative Third Parties with progressive platforms in the political arena, though it is not all about politics. Politics for us remains war without bloodshed. Think outside any box and connect the dots to see the Big Picture.

As a general approach to Liberation we need to consciously exhaust all legal peaceful methods of struggle and resistance. On the one hand, we must avoid the pitfalls of Left-wing adventurism and on other hand we must avoid Right-wing opportunism. Wise vanguard leadership is key for us to advance and move forward and could make the difference between success or failure. Vanguard leadership is important because we could be endangering those who follow any form of leadership if they are led up blind alleys or dead ends.

Perhaps a better term instead of  ‘leader’ is ‘coordinator’. One who coordinates meetings, activities and plans of action. Each of us should develop our own leadership skills, every follower is a potential leader and even anyone in a leadership position should follow basic communal guidelines and shared principles. We should follow principles, not personalities. Nowadays we have much mis-leadership, much mass deceit and deception, especially from those in high positions of power.

Unfortunately many stay away from joining any political party, group or organization. Many do not want to adhere to strict discipline, follow basic orders or work in conformance with democratic centralism for the good of the majority. We remain distinct individuals yet have more power when we combine our forces together. We need to strike a balance between collective communal groups and individual self-responsibility. We either hang together as one unified force or we will surely hang separately. We do not know how long it will be before martial law is officially declared and all our aboveground online activities will have to drop down underground or even dig in deeper.

We are already an endangered species of life on a planet in peril. This cannot be over-exaggerated. Even if there was a miracle and we were to bring about a relevant revolution in the world there are still core existential factors in the ecology of Earth that will continue to endanger all of us and leave us at risk of extinction as the dominant species on Mother Earth.
▶ Guy McPherson @Guy_McPherson  #Earth #Extinction  2030:  ~Pub Nov 15, 2013
▶ John Michael Greer – The Long Descent:  ~1st Pub May 31, 2012
FYI: Number of nuclear reactors via @WorldNuclear

FYI: The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases via @grtvnews:

Global Liberation and Spiritual Liberation ~

Let us come together as one family to help bring about Global Liberation, as we also work on our own Spiritual Liberation. It is like a DNA double-helix of true being. Global Liberation is a long-term strategic goal with the ultimate aim being the ‘seizure of power’, not mere minor surface reforms. It cannot just happen on a local or regional level. It must occur on a global level. We can try to  play the game and go by the rules, but if our efforts come close to bringing about real drastic fundamental change the fascist forces who rule over us will simply change the rules. Look at the specifics of the #NDAA then study the U.S. Constitution! President Obama should be impeached!

We require the power to determine our own destiny in harmony with our basic survival interests and deepest dreams. Power is the dual capacity to correctly define the connected reality in the world and change it in a desired manner. Power is not simply who you can control,  connive and manipulate.

All connected realities are connected and interconnected at one level or one dimension or another. Thus, we must clearly comprehend connected reality as it is here now and seek clarity in our cosmic consciousness. We live in the context of the cosmos. We are all in this together.

Genuine knowledge comes from direct and/or indirect experience, especially what we have experienced in our personal lives on an existential level, but knowledge alone is not enough. We must test our knowledge in relation to connected reality to ascertain the validity of our knowledge. Wisdom is applied knowledge. We cannot merely report the news to inform others of our spin, we must also create the news in our own lives.

Now global power is in the hands of a fascist global empire, which has become the main enemy of humankind. We must know who are our true enemies and who are our natural allies. It comes down to a question of who has real power in the world. We know now that global power is not safely in the hands of the people. It is now in the hands of the rulers of the Empire. We require a total transformation of global power relationships between the 99+% of the ‘have-nots’ and the -1% of the ‘haves’. There is no other way around it.

On a personal level each of us should be busy working on our own higher self as a humane being in terms of personal self-improvement, getting rid of our core character defects and overcoming our personal shortcomings. Each of us can be a movement of one connected to the larger liberation matrix. This does not mean selfish individualism. It means being responsible and accountable for our own personal self, taking care of our private business and doing a daily personal inventory of our assets and liabilities. Our efforts are not simply a matter of external politics. Our energetic efforts must involve our own personal priorities and key decisions about what we want to do with our own lives to determine our own personal destiny. The politics of the people’s Liberation must be relevant to the individual being on an existential level.

Substantial Change ~

To bring about substantial change in the world is an arduous noble goal. I mean substantial change far beyond surface liberal reforms that leave an unjust Evil Empire still ‘in power and secure’.

What kind of substantial change do we want? What real change is actually possible in light of the complex set of psycho-social circumstances before us? How much are we committed to bringing about substantial change in the world and within ourselves? How far are we willing to go? What are we willing to sacrifice? What comforts are we willing to give up? What are we willing to attack and destroy without mercy? What are we willing to do to help create a new world where we can live our lives out in peace and harmony? Will we end up giving up in utter disgust, despair and depression?

There is no clear polished crystal ball we can mindlessly gaze at to show us the way. There is no one way for all of us. There are many pathways up the mountaintop. We must look into our own hearts, our own souls. Remember history is a general guide to action, not a set blueprint. We must be masters of our fate, captains of our own ships, commanders of our being.

Occupy Wall Street aka #OWS ~

From the #OWS Website at  ~  @OccupyWallSt
“We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.”

At the time, the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic used by #OWS was a good tactic as a way of capturing the attention of the masses and the media. A tactic is not a general strategy. A strategy must be a lot more than a snappy slogan about Global Revolution. #OWS did not keep up the momentum essential for the start-up of a new movement to sustain itself, it failed to provide a practical bold vision, failed to expand from its many Occupy locations into stable Liberation Bases from which to work on for on-going mass mobilization.

If you study the history of the Black Panther Party you will remember that towards the end of the BPP Huey P. Newton pulled the Panther members into Oakland to help build a solid Base of Operations, especially after the police attacks upon many BPP offices across the country. It was too much, too little, too late for it to survive as a cohesive organization and it dissolved in the end.

“… We were trying to build a political vehicle through which the people could express their revolutionary desires. We recognized that no party or organization can make the revolution, only the people can. All we could do was act as a guide to the people, because revolution is a process …”
~ Comrade Huey P. Newton

FYI: Black Panther Party – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Founded 1966 ~ Dissolved 1982) 

America has had a long history of rebellions which were repressed and have been largely forgotten in our standard school textbooks. Realism is at the core of revolutionary theory and praxis. We need to study the history of liberation movements, learn what we can from them and remember the price paid for these lessons was in blood, sweat and tears. We do not need to re-invent the wheel. It is not brain surgery. For all of its fuss and fanfare no people’s revolution resulted from the Arab Spring and there will be no Arab Winter.

The great changes that have taken place in the last decade have been in the realm of mass revolutionary consciousness, especially with the awesome communication powers of the Internet.

To be sure, #OWS was one of the biggest social movements to come around in the last years. It affected the whole world in different places to varying degrees. There are critical lessons we must learn from past experiences if we ever hope to build up a strong Liberation Matrix inside the United States.

11/10/2011 Reawakening The Radical Imagination: The Origins Of Occupy Wall Street #OWS via @mgsledge:

#OWS resonated with the suffering of the American people and many other suffering people around the world. The idea of such a progressive movement coming up by the core nerve center of Wall Street in New York City stimulated many to get involved and take direct personal action.

However, with the way #OWS was brought into being in scattered occupy encampments across the country with its open claim of being a leaderless movement it was bound to fade out. Eventually #OWS was targeted, repressed and suppressed by the Obama Regime. It had its time and cannot come back again the same.

9/16/2013  Two Years Later, What Happened to Occupy Wall Street? via @accuracy

Nevertheless, #OWS changed the global conversation about the built-in irreconcilable antagonistic class contradictions between the +99% of the ‘have-nots’ and the -1% of the ‘haves’. It made us more aware of the bankers and investors of Wall Street as key high-class criminals of the Evil Empire who are cruel class enemies of humankind. Indeed, #OWS made us more aware of our own potential power to change the world we live in. #OWS was what it was and its seeds have grown into other fruits in other fields of struggle.

For many young people #OWS was their first attempt at getting involved in any kind of social movement. For older movement veterans it was yet another movement similar to other movements that have come and gone in their lifetimes. There has been the old Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-War Peace Movement, the Women’s Movement, the Immigrant Rights Movement, the  Gay Liberation Movement, the #IdleNoMore Native Movement, and other positive social movements over the years. The demand for and respect of basic humane rights is the core common denominator of liberation movements.

There is no need to glamorize #OWS or for nostalgic sad sentiments. #OWS was like manna from Heaven. It woke up many of us out of our collective coma, though many have now fallen back to sleep. To be honest, #OWS had a few major flaws in its basic approach to revolution and politics in general that its leading activists and supporters failed to overcome.

Being in the brain of the beast within the U.S.A. is not the same as being in Tahrir Square in Egypt. Liberation struggles must be homegrown and spring up from native soil, not imported or implanted from afar. As far as I know the whole Occupy idea first came down from Canada! To boot, a lot of non-White peoples do not warm up to the idea of any kind of ‘occupation’ having suffered from different foreign occupations in the past.

#OWS perpetuated the insanity of being against politics in general, against politicians and against direct participation in electoral politics. Sounds like the apathetic general population in Amerika. #OWS failed to learn the lessons of the Tea Party in terms of running and supporting political candidates. Most of the American public had a positive opinion of #OWS and its condemnation of Wall Street Bankers, but did not come out in active support of #OWS in the millions. We need many millions of people to stand up and support the relevancy and practical necessity of revolution, not just mutual admiration groups. The struggle goes on within us and without us. It is not all over and done. The reverberations from #OWS will continue to echo as time goes by.
We need to remember our learning experiences, be keenly aware of where we are here now and move forward into the future free of fear with a Grand Strategy and set of applicable tactics in the context of the Liberation Matrix. Let there be no confusion. The ultimate aim of a Grand Strategy must be the seizure of state power and the transformation of power relationships between the two main classes: the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

Revolutions are made or manufactured by conscious vanguard elements, not by spontaneous uprisings. Sometimes critical events come close to our clever calculations and at other times drift further away into clouds of chaos and confusion. We must engage in constant analyses of constantly changing conditions; factual analyses of actual conditions; concrete analyses of concrete conditions. We cannot be stubborn and rigid in our thinking as if it all has to come out our way or no way. Connected reality has a way of sticking around despite our grand designs

We must do so much more than endlessly study pathology (the study of diseases and of the changes that they cause: changes in a person, an animal, or a plant that are caused by disease). We cannot get lost pursuing corporate careers or be content in academia while children starve to death, suicide bombers kill the innocents and mercenaries get medals for murder. We must suggest solvent basic solutions to help us cure this sick wicked world. Many of us know the basic problems, we need practical solvent solutions.

Here are a few suggestions I recommend and which I follow-up on in my own personal life. I am a movement of one humane being among many.

~ Work on your own personal health in the trinity of the mind, body and soul as a lifestyle. Health is the greatest wealth.

~ Avoid any obsession about anything that can turn you into a fanatic. Avoid any addiction of any kind. Remember variety and diversity.

~ Get involved in a progressive political party or local group. If you cannot find one start your own as a scientific experiment.

~ Learn how to combine online work with offline work in your local community. Integrate your life in a balanced way.

United together we must continue to further advance, develop and expand our own creative revolutionary consciousness. We need radical revolution in the world, not mere meek liberal reform.

As Comrade George L. Jackson stated in Blood In My Eye: “The ultimate aim of fascism is the complete destruction of all revolutionary consciousness.”
1/5/2014 This Spring: Worldwide Wave Of Transformation via @PopResistance
▶ 2013 Resistance Report Year In Review:
~Pub Dec 30, 2013 via @dennistrainorjr
▶ DECLINE of EMPIRES: The Signs of Decay via Chalmers Johnson  ~Uploaded Jan 22, 2008
▶ Howard Zinn: A People’s History of the United States (1999):
~Pub Jul 17, 2012
READ Online: A People’s History of the United States ~by Howard Zinn

Power to the Truth!
Peter S. López aka @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California, United States of Amerika


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