On Participation In U.S. Electoral Politics via @Peta_de_Aztlan


We are all global citizens of the world, but this article is geared towards U.S. citizens and whoever else happens to stumble upon this spot.

We must overcome any denial of the truth and admit that there is now no true democracy inside the U.S.A.  In terms of a functional definition, democracy means ‘rule of the people’, though there are different forms of democracy. 

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy

A legitimate democracy must be an inclusive participatory democracy that the masses of the people can participate in as a key component of their lives on a daily basis. It should be more than a superficial representative democracy as we have now. It should be obvious to us that so-called representative democracy does not work for us, especially when we have a U.S. Congress mainly composed of millionaires who have been bought off or co-opted by money or capital in its various forms. The whole electoral process in the U.S. is corrupt and rotten to the core as it is now. The Electoral Collage is not direct democracy. There is much that is in need of a few critical reforms for electoral politics to be relevant to the American masses.
▶ Majority of Congress Now Millionaires:
~Pub  Jan 17, 2014 via @theliptv
In general, politics remains war without bloodshed and war remains politics with bloodshed. Thus, politics and war are intricately interconnected.

In order to help create control over our lives many of us engage in different forms of politics: local community grass-roots politics; online politics on various websites via the Internet; and electoral politics by engaging in official political campaigns for public office and ballot propositions. There are many other forms of politics that influence the ideas, feelings and opinions of the general population. Even speaking out loud and spouting a personal opinion in a coffee shop can be political. The clothes and buttons you wear can be considered political. Where is the dividing line? Is there a dividing line in connected reality? Are not all realities interconnected?

An authentic democracy must include our own direct personal participation in electoral politics and processes on local, state and federal levels, not just on Election Day but on a daily basis. We must keep elected officials on their toes and accountable to those who elected them. We must stay awake!

If we are ever to achieve a democracy defined as ‘majority rule’ we will need to be involved in electoral-democratic processes as much as possible from wherever we are in our own personal lives. Remember what is democracy for the majority could be tyranny for the minority. Exercising our right to vote helps to level the playing field. Electoral politics is only one major tactic among others tactics.

If we are eligible to vote we should be registered to vote and help others register to vote. We need to allow all ex-felons and prisoners the right to vote as a humane right. Be aware of current events, communicate to people in your own local community about these critical issues and be a transmitter for communal mass education. Each of us can be a communicator.

We must do a lot more than merely bitch, whine and complain in the Tower of Babel on the Internet. We must ‘walk the talk’ in our daily lives wherever we are, including in the living rooms of our own homes and out in our local community. We need to be active participants in life, not merely enslaved spectators. Think of future generations to come! Show proof of life!

If democracy is to be ‘for real’ it must be a lively participatory democracy with an active citizenry, not dumbed down addicted consumers. Democracy is always in jeopardy of being destroyed by dark evil forces in the world who hate us to exercise our humane rights. Fascism does not want to help bring about creative change. Fascism does not want us to share our ideas and ideals. Fascism does not want us to openly express ourselves without fear and exercise our communication skills. We can help safeguard any hope for a true legitimate democracy by exercising our basic humane rights, including our right to vote!

We are now existing under a mature brand of authoritarian fascism inside the United States. This has become more obvious with the revelations that came from Señor Edward Snowden about the #NSA mass surveillance that has been going on for a long time. Truthtellers are already being hunted down, caged without justice and persecuted by the forces of repression. Nonetheless, we need to honestly exhaust peaceful methods of protest, of struggle and resistance to fascist state repression. Have courage and fight back!

Remember that repression sooner or later builds up resistance from the people and further repression creates further resistance. The whole situation growing in upward spirals of resistance, repression, resistance. Complete repression is impossible. The totality of  complete totalitarianism is the dream of tyrants but absolute totality is impossible. The people will sooner or later find one way or another to offer resistance to repression. A flower can grow through the cracks of a concrete sidewalk.

Sadly, many so-called progressive activists are turned off by electoral politics and politics in general. This is a closed-minded reactionary attitude. This attitude was not helped by the apathy of #OWS towards electoral politics, especially for blind #OWS supporters who barely got their toes wet behind their involvement in progressive aka radical politics during the heyday of #OWS. So much for the leaderless movement idea. We need bold vanguard leadership, those who are not afraid to break from the herd and take the lead, even if they basically function as local community coordinators.

Remember! Only the masses of the people can create any relevant revolution, not mere vanguard elements alone. U.S. citizens can understand and relate to regular electoral politics, especially when they do their civic duty and exercise their right to vote. Most folks are not caught up in intricate ideologies or obscure philosophies. The Left Wing Movement is lame and divorced from the basic concerns of the people.

Now there is a huge digital disconnection between comrades who are online with regular Internet access and those who are not so blessed. Let us not confuse our individual understanding with universal truth. We must put a computer with Internet access in every home and help others to be computer literate. I suggest you not surround yourself with only those who agree with you, but seek different opinions. Strive to be well-rounded. Diversify.

In summary, as global U.S. citizens we should participate in electoral politics, no matter what political party we happen to belong to now. For a long time I was a Democrat, then I quit after Führer Obama escalated the Afghanisnam War. I voted for Sister Jill Stein for President the last presidential election. Thus, I am now an independent voter.

It is up to you in your conscience. It is your freedom of choice. I am merely expressing my spin on stuff for you to accept, reject or ignore. It is your life and your future.

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Venceremos! We Will Win!
Peter S. López aka @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California, U.S.A.


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