Total totalitarianism is impossible @Peta_de_Aztlan

Posted 4/15/2014

In a way just typing my thoughts has therapy value. Sometimes I bounce back and forth between mania and despair. Sometimes I feel like I am in a huge madhouse. The lights are on but no one seems to be safe at home. Those brave souls who dare to share the truth as Whistleblowers are attacked and persecuted while those in uniform who openly lie before the U.S. Congress are left unharmed. Are we in an upside down world when it comes to our adherence to fundamental humane principles and the U.S. Constitution?

We should not be pathetic and paranoid under Amerikan fascism. Yes, the U.S. Federal Government has become an outlaw rogue state. Yes, chances are if you have spoken out against social injustice and in support of Occupy Wall Street you have been or you still are under special surveillance. Yes. the U.S.A.  has the legal right to snatch you off the streets and make you mysteriously disappear never to be heard from again. We are confronted with the most advanced fascist state in all of known human history. We are up against Master Control Freaks who wish they could control every thought you think and every breath you take.

No matter how bad it all gets in times to come remember the Cause of Liberty and Justice is right. We have already won the core moral and ethnical battle. Total surveillance is impossible. Total totalitarianism is impossible. There are a lot of insane psychopaths roaming around in Amerika, including in the White House cabal. Who in the hell are your neighbors? At any given time one confused clown with a gun can take our lives or ruin our day. We are getting use to social mayhem and madness as a daily occurence. We are governed by mad monsters who are functional control freaks!

We need to promote basic spiritual health in this country. As humane beings, we need to have love, compassion and understanding for each other, not just in words but shown our inner values outwardly in our deeds. We need to promote the merits of spiritual liberation, spiritual wellness and soundness of being. Mental illness is an illusion for the billions in profits for Big Pharma. This social sickness is not just a figment of our minds hatched out of our imagination. As a country, we need to heal our inner souls. Our collective psyche as one people.

A huge threat to our so-called national security is the fascist police military state. We need to serve the basic survival needs of the people to ensure real social security, not applaud military occupation by official or unofficial mercenaries! Every day and night more and more people are getting more and more sick and tired of how this society is going downhill.

We are living under a rogue U.S. Regime that still perpetuates the myth of there being a real functional democracy inside the United States. For the zillioneth time, I say we are already living under a mature, scientific and sophisticated fascism inside the United States. Even worse the majority of the U.S. general population feels hopeless and powerless to do anything about it, so they do nothing to resist the Evil Empire.

Thank God we still have Internet Power to express ourselves online, though this power is always in jeopardy under the present fascist state. Maybe the Empire builders know that our expressions online serves as pressure release valves for our collective anger, desperation and frustration.

There are all kind of conspiracy theories about the Boston Marathon and other tragic incidents. We need to aware of any #FalseFlag Operation. For sure we need to take the time to do Fact Checks and not just swallow all the crap we are exposed to online. There is a lot that has already happened that the Amerikan public knows nothing about or simply believes because of the fascist propaganda lies we are told by the U.S. Regime and the corporate media. #911 #JFK

For the zillioneth time, we must exhaust all legal, peaceful and tangible tactics  we can utilize to combat the evils of these terrible times. To live we must fight back. We must have the courage of principle to combat evil wherever it is and whenever it pops up. In line with this thinking we must also combat our own character defects and personal shortcomings. We cannot be naive and just blame all our woes and worries on asinine authorities. We ourselves must take direct responsibility to determine our own destiny in the spirit of liberty and become masters of our own fate!

Register to Vote! Help your neighbors, esp. if they are hungry. Get involved in positive volunteer work. Stay straight. Be thrifty. Arm yourselves with the truth. Share what extras you have with others in real need. Love one another. Give a damn!

Namaste!@Peta_de_Aztlan +Peter S. López
Sacramento, Calfornia, United Stasis of Amerika
▶ The Boston Marathon Bombing Shows Why Surveillance State Doesn’t Work via @TheRealNews: ~Pub Apr 15, 2014



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